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  1. Thanks Dave, Here is what I see. I checked with a few others in the group, some can hit it, some get the same. I did just try from another computer and worked fine. This site can’t be reached ucbb9b131e8f1aafb6a01ecaf0f4.dl.dropboxusercontent.com’s server IP address could not be found. Try: Checking the connection Checking the proxy, firewall, and DNS configuration Running Windows Network Diagnostics ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED
  2. Thanks Dave, Just a heads up the link to the latest Beta does not work. I also just tested the full program downloads and they do not work either.
  3. Seeing this also, Regardless of my traffic settings on/off (if I'm on VATSIM or using P2ATC) Little Nav Map displays it all, P2A is struggling to show it.
  4. I've actually noticed this as well, combined with not as much airborne traffic is displayed on the map. If I look at my traffic radar and little nav map, the traffic is there, but only 1 or 2 (or none sometimes) of it is displayed on the P2A map.
  5. Assuming you are landing at a towered airport you would do the following; When you are about 15-20NM out you would contact tower, indicate who you are, where you are, what altitude and what you would like to do. EX: Skyhawk 62 Sierra Kilo Papa is twenty miles North at 6,000 feet, requesting radar vectors for the RNAV approach to runway 21 You would then be given a squawk code and the vectors to start. If you do it earlier, and contact approach, you would need to give the airport ICAO code as well. If you are landing at another non towered airport, just do your unicom / traffic calls.
  6. Do you have the option "Force Pilot Runway Selection" turned on? I believe this overrides and makes your requested runway the one it will use.
  7. What errors are displayed and it would be helpful to provide the logs.
  8. Meant to send you an e-mail @Dave-Pilot2ATC but this thread just reminded me. The last few updates have been rock solid! (after fixing the random freeze) and these new features are amazing. Always appreciate you growing the product and the incredible support!
  9. Good afternoon Dave, I know a few have requested the ability to monitor COM1 and 2 (I believe you said you were going to try and get this incorporated) any ETA? Secondly, I don't know if it's been asked, is it possible to get traffic management ability for applications like AIG?
  10. Have you sent Dave the logs as requested above?
  11. This is already available via Sticks and Rudders FS-ATC-Chatter. It is broken down by Region (Africa / Asia / Canada / Europe / Oceania / South America / United States) and then categorized by controller. Approach Clearance Center Departure Departure Ground Departure Tower Departure Unicom Destination Ground Destination Tower Destination Unicom P2A will recognize the frequency you are on and play the appropriate chatter. It isn't live (as in streamed live) but its cut clips that go back and forth. P2A will remember where you left off so you don't always start over. Works very well and the clips get updated often. It comes with its own player but if using P2A you just drop it into the P2A sounds folder. https://www.stickandrudderstudios.com/fs-atc-chatter-overview/ Also, when you key in to speak, the chatter stops / won't start and then resumes once you are done or once P2A is done speaking to you so there's never cross chatter. As for Simbrief, Dave has already added it to the list of future enhancements.
  12. Follow this guide, if it doesn't work afterwards you missed something. https://docs.aws.amazon.com/polly/latest/dg/install-voice-plugin2.html
  13. There must be something else going on with your system. Myself, and the group I fly with (4 others) all have Cereproc and it works 100% of the time without issue or fail for all of us. Along with countless others on the MSFS forums.
  14. Have either of you e-mailed your P2A log to Dave?
  15. I actually made a post about it on the MSFS forums as well to see if others who are not on here were having issues. Looks like there are a couple more. I'll send you my config as well Dave.
  16. Thanks Dave, I've just e-mailed you the log as well as the FTP info for the dmp file (3GB). I don't believe there is any other window / pop up but I will do a thorough check during the next occurrence. Thanks.
  17. Hey @Dave-Pilot2ATC Just checking if you found anything from the logs I sent? Just had another freeze-up, I grabbed a dump of the process this time as well, let me know if you want the logs / dump. Thanks.
  18. Where are you flying when this happens, is there a speed / altitude restriction on the charts for this area? There is also a setting to ignore some of these restrictions. ATC Ignores Published Speed Limits – This option will stop ATC from directing you to slow to the speeds published in the SID, STAR or Approach procedures you’re flying. NOTE: Aircraft designated as “HEAVY” in the call sign will be given leeway to exceed the published speeds for safety reasons. ATC Ignores Below 10000 Ft Speed Limit – There’s a pretty much universal ATC rule to fly at 250 knots or less when under 10,000 feet MSL. If you want to fly a low level bombing run at 500 knots – or just don’t want to be nagged about your speed – check this option. NOTE: Aircraft designated as “HEAVY” in the call sign will be given leeway to exceed the 250 knots speed limit for safety reasons.
  19. Thanks Dave, It happened again this evening heading into CYTS, hit TOD where it would calculate and locked up. The log files are a little long as I was doing multi hops. Sent you the logs from both instances.
  20. <CallSign> request clearance direct to <ICAOCode> Page 15 (Grammar Phrases) Documents: https://p2atc.com/Products/P2A_Docs.zip
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