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So after flying on FSX for the past few years, I've decided to update my tank of a laptop and invest in a new Desktop to run P3D.


So far I've roughly built up these specs, trying to keep in mind that i don't want to spend to much and also get the best for the buck.



Intel Core i7-4790K @4.0Ghz






Corsair 750D


Western Digital Blue 1 TB HDD


Samsung 850 EVO 120GB SSD


Kingston 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 Mem.


Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal OEM Optical Drive


Corsair H80i Hydro CPU cooler



With these specs in mind I stumble to find a cheap Power supply that gives me at least 750W.


I'd like to have everyone opinions on computer parts you recommend and what power supply would be best for me.


Thanks you!





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You are getting all the good parts.. why look for a cheap power supply?


Mine is a:


Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650M 650W ATX Modular Power Supply


does the job just fine.

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That will be a nice computer, it would be a shame to see it run poorly or get fried because of a cheap power supply.

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While power output is important, a 750W would be fine for you. However, never get a cheap power supply. Ever. First reason is efficiency, obvious reason behind that one, but secondly it needs to be stable. Many years ago I had weird problems only to discover on checking my power rails, that they where not what they should be. 12 around the 11 mark and 5 around the 4 mark.


Best thing to do, find a trust worthy up to date review of several PSU's. In the UK we have a magazine called CustomPC which is really good and they put a lot of big names through rigorous testing.

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750W is a strange figure, it's more than you need for your build but perhaps not quite enough if you're considering going multi GPU in the future. I put your specs into this PSU calculator and you could easily get away with a 650W PSU as Bert suggested. As has been stated already a "cheap" PSU is not a good idea, maybe looking at a lower wattage model might enable you to spend a bit more on a higher quality one. 


I think you might regret only getting a 120GB SSD and would look at a 240GB as a minimum. If you switched from the corsair H80i to a reasonable air cooler you could achieve similar cooling and probably save enough to upgrade your SSD, something like the Thermalright True Spirit 140, or HR-02 Macho would be a worthy contender.





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