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[28SEP15] Prepar3D v3 Approach Clearance!

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As many of you have noted, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3.0 is due for release on Wednesday, 30SEP15.


We have been testing and evaluating the later beta stages of v3.0, and I can tell you with confidence that you will be very very happy with the new release.  The development team at Lockheed Martin are finally getting deep inside the code to cure many of the ills that have plagued the Microsoft franchised ESP platform since it's inception in 2006.


I am not a reviewer, nor do I have the time that would be required to give you all of my thoughts and observations regarding the new platform- so I will jump to two very important points and leave the colorful elaboration to others:


1) All currently released PMDG products for P3D are already compatible with v3.0: 

We need to update our installers so that they recognize v3.0 during installation, and we hope to have this accomplished on Tuesday or Wednesday.  (We will post an announcement here when that has been completed!)


The new installers will check to see if you have v3.x installed.  If you do, then they will install for v3.x.  If you do not, then they will install for v2.x.


To keep everything simple, you will not be able to install for BOTH v2.x and v3.x at the same time, unless you understand the file structure and feel comfortable doing a copy/paste operation on your own.  (I cannot imagine why you would want to do this- but there you have it...)


We will update you here as we get the new v3.x compatible installers released.




Our testing internally leads us to conclude that Lockheed Martin's development team has succesfully updated Prepar3D so that it will unload data that is no longer needed in memory.  More specifically, our testing seems to conclude that data accumulation in VAS related to scenery being seen or over-flown is no longer a factor for simmers using Prepar3D.


I want to stress that our testing was done in-house, and was not scientific- but we know very well how to replicate OOM issues with Prepar3D and FSX, and running those same tests with Prepar3D v3 yielded far lower VAS volumes than we have ever seen, even when moving between very intense scenery areas.


This being the case- we are extremely excited to see how your results bear this conclusion out.  (I look forward to hearing from you with trepedation- as this is truly enormous news for all of us if indeed wide use bears this out!)


Many folks have been clamoring for an x64 version of Prepar3D- and v3.x is not a 64-bit version.  In my opinion, fixing VAS consumption is am much more important milestone in the short term because the massive increase in memory consumption caused when scenery developers begin stuffing greater and greater detail into the sim has lead to a proliferation of OOM issues during the past two years.


It is my sincere hope that this fix gives us all a reprieve from the OOM problem- and I also sincerely hope that all of our scenery designers will continue to use restraint on the amount of detail added to scenery so that we don't being to see OOM issues because the machine itself runs out of VAS because of growth in scenery detail.  (That danger is still out there- but for now we have been given some breathing room.)


On our end, we will continue to constrain resource consumption in our Prepar3D products- in hopes that it will yield smoother performance for all of us!



Okay- I have to get back to finalizing the installers for your use.  I will let you know the moment they are finished!



Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Hi Robert


the only reason I would want the PMDG aircraft in both 2.x P3D and the 3.0 P3D is during transition phase


I have too many things in my 2.x P3D so I plan to not cut my 2.x P3D going into 3.0


So I guess I would have to copy paste folders to make it work in both version at the same time.


Maybe after I get my 3,0 P3D in good shape I will have to uninstall 2.x like I am planning to uninstall my fsx with this new 3.0 version. 


Beta tester for SIMStarter 

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Thank you for the update Robert! Glad to hear PMDG aircraft will be functional out of the gate when V3 comes out. Looking forward to higher performance! 


Cheers!  :smile:

Brandon Cromar




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Well looks like I'm going to fork out more for this one.....


Thanks for the update from your perspective. It was getting awful quiet around here ..

Alex Ridge

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Well this is welcome but surprising news, I had no idea V3.0 was so close, I had heard rumours but hadn't seen any info. And very happy that as always, PMDG is right away on to updating their installers for us.


I must admit I had not been getting as much enjoyment out of my 777 (ands lesser extend NGX) lately due to OOM's - Robert, you are right, a couple years back I never had them but they seem to be happening more and more lately (obviously not PMDG's fault).


I look forward to a summer of great flying ahead!




EDIT: Some people are going to be angry that they have to pay again for P3D v3 itself. Thankfully we will not have to pay again for our PMDG products.

Wes Meyer

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When we get quiet, that is normally a good thing.  It means we are working our ***es off.


Or it means we are on vacation.


Or.  Wait.  Now i'm confused.

Robert S. Randazzo coolcap.gif


You can find us at:  http://forum.pmdg.com

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Great. Thanks PMDG for this very fast support. You guys are the best. :) Can't wait to fly the NGX in P3D v3 now. 

Philipp Schwaegerl

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Glad its a smooth transition for the PMDG products. Thanks team! 

I think P3D V3 is calling the 74V2 *cough* =)

-Sean L

PPL + IFR, SEL HP/Complex.. LAS WN Ground Ops



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If the VAS issues have been sorted I'm all in!

Probably going to wait a little while before purchasing though until compatibility is ensured with all my addons.

Looking forward to a 747 update too Robert

Matthew (SuperG) Rhoden

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Great! Looks like I will pick up P3Dv3 day one :)


Will probably install it on my current build along with everything else I have installed (and v2) just to text some comparability with addons, then give my computer a wipe and reinstall. Can't wait!

Krikor Hajian

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Robert, thank you very much for your insight, opinion and professional courtesy about the new release.  My thoughts and fears have been eased a little more now since I've researched the information that LM provided (basically, in layman's terms).  The two things you pointed out are extremely helpful in deciding which way to go and I think it's worth the $$$ for the upgrade.  Thanks again and I look forward purchasing the P3D versions of your products.



Engage, research, inform and make your posts count! -Jim Morvay

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A week of great releases:


Today: Google releases Android Marshmallow, New Nexus devices etc

Tomorrow: Prepar3D V3, Mac OSX El Captain

Thursday: PMDG 747 v2 ?



Fábio Magnoni

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hmm .. 95% items in changelog are (FIX) why we have pay for repairs? interesting

Jakub Compel
PMDG Prepar3d 777-200LR/F & 777-300ER , 737-900/800-700/600 Customer, Aerosoft A318/319, Twin Otter, A2A C172, Majestic Software Dash 8  Q400, RealAir  Lancair Legacy V2, MILVIZ B350i, B737-200, TFDi 717, Flight1 GTN 750/650, HiFi ASN2016, ChasePlane,  FsPassenger, GSX, Simstarter NG



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Just need a P3D version of the Jetstream 41 before I can switch...

(I appreciate that PMDG consider that very low priority)

ckyliu, proud supporter of ViaIntercity.com. Find my spec and settings in "About me" on my profile.


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Very upset. :)


Great news, and certainly good about the VAS.


Trouble is I've just build a new sim environment, and the timing is off to rotate the hard drives.


If however, directx12 was supported in V3, I would tear the lot down and start again.... but it doesn't seem to be the case. **not a complaint, just an observation**.


64bit is a bit of a placebo for those who think it's the answer to VAS. Its really not you know ;)


Wonder if the eyepoint drift in the VC is cured (this affects longer planes due to the distance between eyepoint / model centre vs location in the world) - a little complicated to describe but annoying in the longer jets.


Happy days.

Michael Freeman


Sim Equipment: 738, 744, 772, CONC, DH8C, A320, DR40

Sim Spec: P3D 3.3.5, Win10, i7 4790k, gtx 780, 3x 28" in surround, trackir, goflight yoke, modified saitek throttles, modified MS Sidewinder FF, virtual cdu, EFB

RW Member of Robin Flying Group - Exeter Intl Airport

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