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My decision to fly as few airplanes as practical

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About 95% of my flying is with the CS C-130J and the MILVIZ King Air.

My "mission" is to fly into and out of as many airports around the world as possible.

Airports to date 1080.


Bob "roadwarrior" Werab

Config: ASUS Prime Motherboard, RYZEN 5, 16 GB Ram, 20480mb AMD Radeon HD 7700


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Although I have acquired quite a few aircraft since 2008, mainly due to PMDG not having a 737 available for FSX at the time, on my last build in 2013, I decided not to install the vast majority.


I love g/a flying in real life but struggle to enjoy it in the sim unless I am going to use it to familiarize myself with an airport or area that I will be flying to.


As a result, the majority of my sim flying is in either the PMDG 737 or T7.


Other planes that I do have installed but are rarely flow are:


Lotus L-39

Aerosoft F-16

Carenado C337


I have quite a few CaptSim offerings, PMDG 747v2 and MD-11, some Lionheart and a few choppers, but I don't enjoy any of them enough to reinstall them at this time.


Fortunately since my interests in planes are linked sim wise, it saves me a lot of money.


Addon airports on the other hand, I can't help myself from buying quality work.

Avsim Board of Directors | Avsim Forums Moderator

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5. Carenado Bonanza(s)
Can't help myself!
Still love the deep throated engine sounds, pretty graphics and simple operation of both the F33 and F35 variants, whether the flight models are 'real world' or not. Love the shiny metal exterior on one of the V-tailed beauties. Flown every so often, just to remember how much fun I have in this hobby. Bought and tried the Shrike but still testing.


Heya Spirit,


I too like the Bonanza aircraft - simple, straightforward, and yet, they do sound good!


The Shrike is fun (I have emotional attachment to it), and the repaints from Mister Sennett and the interior redo (gets rid of the "run hard and put away wet" look) is highly recommended. Still, a turbo version would be welcome...

John Howell

Prepar3D V5, Windows 10 Pro, I7-9700K @ 4.6Ghz, EVGA GTX1080, 32GB Corsair Dominator 3200GHz, SanDisk Ultimate Pro 480GB SSD (OS), 2x Samsung 1TB 970 EVO M.2 (P3D), Corsair H80i V2 AIO Cooler 

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I keep an eye open for good freeware & tend to support those developers. Milton, Garry & Ed etc. These guys are actually the backbone of our hobby & have given us so much. I tend to gravitate to the 'lows 'n slows' & enjoy exploring different scenarios.

Flight simming, for me, is all about enjoying & exploring. I also have a few cars, trains & boats, giving a different dimension to the game.


This certainly does not make me a lessor simmer by not 'flying by the numbers' or by not being a 'PMDG'er.

It's all about enjoying what I'm doing, even though I also have a bit of fictitious airports (Ford Tri-Motor Project) & vehicles.


Yes, there is more to our hobby!


"Onward & Upward" ...
To the Stars, & Beyond... 

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Great thread!


I just bought and install P3D v3 two weeks ago (and loving it!), and I've reinstalled only a few of the many aircraft I've bought over the years for FSX for two reasons. One is financial: I've reinstalled those that already have a P3D v3 version (so I don't have to buy the aircraft all over again). The second is I've re-bought the P3D v3 version of those that I loved in FSX and really can't do without (my A2A Cherokee, for example).


I'm going to try to limit myself in my future purchases ... the only other (re-)purchase I've got planned is PMDG 737s (just missing the NGX too much). Since it's pretty expensive in Canuck-bucks to re-buy the base version + 600/700 (CDN $150 = US $115), I'll probably wait for a little while yet.

Joel Murray @ CYVR (actually, somewhere between CYNJ and CZBB, but quite close to CSK8) 

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Good thread.  My current planes: F1 Mustang, F1 B200, RealAir Duke Turbine and RealAir Legacy, ES CitationX and soon MilViz 350i.  All of my PMDG, Airbus, A2A are in virtual hangar.  No time for PMDG, Airbus, A2A is too much work.  All my carenados are in the PC dust bin, I have not thrown them out because of the money I paid.   I also keep scenery to minimum: ORBX regions only, FSDT, Flight Beam, SimsAddons, selected FlyTampa.  That's it.

Vu Pham

i7-2700K 4.8 GHz OC, 16 GB RAM, GTX980, Velociraptor Drives for Sim, SSD for system.  XP11,  P3Dv4.1

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Good thread. My current planes: F1 Mustang, F1 B200, RealAir Duke Turbine and RealAir Legacy, ES CitationX and soon MilViz 350i. All of my PMDG, Airbus, A2A are in virtual hangar. No time for PMDG, Airbus, A2A is too much work.


Nice set of airplanes. 

Gregg Seipp

"A good landing is when you can walk away from the airplane.  A great landing is when you can reuse it."
i7-8700 32GB Ram, GTX-1070 8 Gig RAM

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I have recently found a near-perfect setup with Aerowinx PSX (747-400) and P3D3.5 as scenery generator and this is all I fly now, with ASN. The only exception is the occasional A2A 172 or 182 short hop to do some sightseeing.


It should be noted that the connection between PSX and P3D3 does not use Simconnect; it is obtained via ExternalSim, and it produces the smoothest simulation experience that you can imagine. Quoting the LM Learning Center: "The ExternalSim capabilities of Prepar3D give developers to ability create their own external simulations that can be ran inside of Prepar3D" 


If you want to give it a try, the SDK includes the source code for a flying saucer using that technology.


It would be really great if some developer made tried that approach! 


Andrea Damiani

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I did a fresh install of Win10 and FSX a couple months ago and have been very selective about installing addons. So far all I've added are: FSUIPC, ASN, GSX, A2A Comanche, PMDG NGX. I have lots of other addons but am pretty happy with just the above installed.

Barry Friedman

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This is great learning what everyone is most excited about. For me, this month was the first time simming in a year, and to mark the occasion I built a new system and installed P3D and XPX, a first time user of both platforms. For the short term, I anticipate spending most of my time with the NGX, but here is a roughly prioritized list of my top a/c preferences.








Lear 35A







I like big jets :)

Andrew Farmer

My flight sim blog: Fly, Farmer, Fly!

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Fundamentally, I agree with you Greg.


Buuuut, I find myself drawn to "scenarios" that make my flying interesting, and need a variety of aircraft to support the scenario.

  • Fast trip to Paso Robles (I am based at Reid Hillview, KRHV, San Jose) with the wife - the Lancair is perfect.
  • Trip further south with the kids on board? The Carenado Baron with the HawkDSL Turbo Mods.  
  • Trip with family and dogs to visit same in Portland? Phenom or Lear.

There are aircraft that are just plain fun to fly, where the scenario is to terrorize the countryside. The A2A Mustangs are a perfect fit for this. The RealAir Dukes are also not to be missed - I enjoy "flying" them as much as any other aircraft.


I don't have hundreds of aircraft in the hanger - maybe 50. But, I find myself driven by the "mission" in order to keeps things interesting. 


So, I am with you, but I am weak...    :smile:  However, I can be discriminatory - some aircraft I have purchased and retired within a day - they had no soul, or a weird instrument layout (I seem to be a Beechcraft Boy), or just made me claustrophobic (the Corvalis and SR-22 come to mind). 


I am awaiting the MilVis Beaver (obvious mission there!), their KingAir 350i (take a bunch of friends to Vegas!), and Lear 60 (take a bunch of friends anywhere!), but am pretty happy with my limited hanger right now.


Ultimately, the scenario defines the aircraft. But, I am weak...   :smile:


Instrument layouts has been a challenge for many software manufacturers for decades. I think PMDG is the only one who's got it down.

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