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North German Plain 3

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This will be the next flight in GEN from ORBX, it covers the west of this area.


We will depart from the former RAF AB of Bruggen (ETUR). Flight Ops ceased there in 2001, but the airbase is still in good condition (but only in the Flight Simulator...). From here we head to Moenchengladbach (EDLN) for our first landing. It is the entry for this densely populated and highly industialized part of Germany.


Next stop will be the International Airport of Duesseldorf (EDDL), the third largest airport in Germany, behind Frankfurt and Munich.


From here we turn to an easterly heading and are pretty soon in a more rural environment. But after turning at the dam of the Ennepe reservoir, we go back to houses, roads and industry. Next stop will be Essen-Muehlheim (EDLE), a VFR-only field that, among other aircraft, houses some Blimps.


Now it's time for heavy industry, as we reach the Duisburg area. After a lot of sightseeing turnpoints (details are in the Pilot's Guide) we will land at Dortmung (EDLW)





The next landings will be on smaller airfields. Next stop is Schwarze Heide (EDLD), before we continue to Rohmerwardt-Wesel (EDLX). On the way to Weeze (EDLV), we pass over the very old City of Xanten with its archeological park (TP9). Weeze is also called Niederrhein and is the former RAF Airbase of Lahrbruch, now a hub for Ryan Air and other low cost carriers.


Our destination is Grefrath (EDLF) a small Grass Strip, a bit hard to find.


The route is only about 206 nm so a small GA plane like the C 172 or the Cherokee will allow us to complete the journey in time. I shall fly the A2A Cherokee, but as ever you are free to fly what you like.


The package including flight plans ( PlanG and FSX) and a "Pilots' Guide" is available here.


Recommended scenery: Orbx GEN




Date and time: November 12 2016, 1900 UTC

Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel

Teamspeak Server Address:

Multiplayer: FSX Multiplayer (IP will be provided on Teamspeak)


If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet! (linked here)


Note to Ron: Please set server time to 13:15 Local.

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SkyVector for your virtual map fold'n needs is here.


With all these Cherokees in the flight I believe this would be a "golden" time for some trivia. Keep the answers to yourself until teamspeak as "decorum on the forum"  :LMAO: warrants it.
1) What movie is the picture from?

2) What was the name of the aero-team that used the Cherokees?

3) What is the actresses name performing as lead pilot/commander?




Feeling goofy during the morning coffee!   :crazy:

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Just need to get Ron to get the paint jobs done with the appropriate registrations. :smile:


Be ready for you in twenty minutes. That's nine paints is it Sir? Make it ten in case Josh wants a paint. :He He:

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Anyone interested in resized paints for today's flight? PM me. Just finishing up the hard part - readme..

Nick, are you interested in a proxy for the PA-28 (stock AI) with all the paint names included? Or flying the 172 just because...   :P  

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Nick, are you interested in a proxy for the PA-28 (stock AI) with all the paint names included? Or flying the 172 just because... :P


Thanks Roman, I have the A2A Cherokee but I chose to fly the 172 instead as I got it more recently and I don't have many hours on it yet.

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According our contest host, Gene Rayburn (w/ legendary overcompensating microphone) ,




nobody answered all 3 questions correctly during the flight!

Assumed y'all know regardless. No worries as the grand prize was nothing more than an -




evil paperclip..



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Better late thanever!
It's been over a month and got lost in the shuffle - oops!
Most of it was done already except final editing of the video which included some "not too proper" comments about ...... Just about everything!   :Hmmmph:  :vava: Bring%20It%20On.gif
We sure were in a talkative mood that Saturday, U.S. elections and all. Only 25% of the video taken was appropriate to show. LOL!

As written 14NOV16 - 

Gunter, once again, thanks for the excellent flight!
Added more references to your excellent writeup, hope you don't mind. Nice to read up more on the POIs you planned for us.

The crew at ETUR (Bruggen Air Base), from the smoking Cherokee clockwise - "Ol smokey", Mike. I think a joker in our group added a little smoke oil in Mike's tanks! His engine was fresh, never missed a beat during the whole flight. Ron in D-ECSI. Our host, Gunter in D-EGAN. Jeff in G-ARYR, myself in D-ELAU. Josh, shutdown getting a cool blast of air from my prop in N5673S (light blue). Bert in the red/white N3572T. Finally... Nick in the 172, "Spirit of Courchevel".


Tucking in under Nick climbing out of Bruggen.


The dam on the Ennepe -


Transmitter Langenberg, located east of Langenberg, west of Rommel on Hordtberg Mountain.
Photos -
Turbulent History -


Grouping back up at EDLE (Essen-Mulheim) after refreshments, snacks, fsx/system reboots and some controller tuning.


Turning East over the industrial complex near Fahrn and the Rhine River, the radar is on ;-) .


"Zeche Zollverein". The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex.
Impressive! -


The Dortmund Television Tower.
Again impressive! -
Photos -


Halde Oberscholven
Wiki (DE) -
Wiki (EN) -


Getting a steam bath, Relaxing!


The archeological site of Xanten.


3 days short of the "Super Moon". Looks super already. Climbing out after EDLV (Neiderrhein/Weeze) for our final destination of EDLF (Grefrath-Niershorst).


WOW! What a beautiful view!


The "Super Moon" rising as Bert taxis in at EDLF.


Shutdown and debrief at Grefrath-Niershorst.



Left to Right - Bert, Josh, Gunter, Ron, Jeff, Mike, Nick & myself. What a great flight!



MerrChristmas Gents!

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