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[11MAR17] PMDG DC-6 Cloudmaster for FSX and Prepar3D now in Beta!

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Ok i may be abit late to the speculating party, but am I the only one that remebered Roberts words regarding the development of the three platforms ? Basically they need to find out if developing x-plane first then porting to fsx/p3d is better or developing for fsx/p3d then porting to x-plane makes more sense.

So in that context the three 4 engine planes in development atm are the 748 for fsx/p3d, the 744 for x-plane and the DC-6.  (since the 744 for p3d is released i wouldnt call it in development and the DC-6 is the porting test for fsx/p3d)

With the limited knowledge i can gather around the forums this makes the most sense for me, as the 744 is the newest developed plane that could have been already developed with 3 plattforms in mind.  All speculation anyhow, but it sure is fun :D


Marcel Alesi


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12 hours ago, Hoang Le said:

the terrain outside Phoenix area is not easy to recognize at all

You'll be interested to know that as you build hours flying with eyeballs and a sectional chart that you become very good at recognizing terrain, and after you fly the same region a couple of times you start to know just where you are without looking at the charts.  I smile when I think about my weekly trips from Corpus to Dallas for over a decade and I could look at a field in the middle of "no where" and know where I was.

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Dan Downs KCRP

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This is my next purchase ,cause i know it won't be full of bugs.So how ever long it takes i'll wait .

Louis Massicotte

Caroline Alberta 


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By the looks of it and knowing earlier PMDG developments, this will be an instant buy when released :biggrin:

Mikael Leinonen

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For those like me that don't always visit PMDG's Facebook page check that out! Looks like things are coming along nicely. If only hurling money at the screen made it come faster. As soon as you guys lower your asking price from 2.5 million dollars I will buy her. I will keep checking back on the price until my demands are met! :biggrin:


Steve Jordan

Aviation Structural Mechanic SH-60B/HH-60H/MH-60R/MH-60S USN

FSX Hours: 3000 and counting

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