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  1. Basically the reason they focus on it now is that developers realize the big advantages of CEF. Right now its wild west with no rules and since a few more than FF (the currently biggest user) have anounced their own ways, Laminar wants to set rules as soon as possible so they dont get a big problem later down the line and need to suppport 30 legacy ways.
  2. Its still funny to see how Sesquashtoo still manages to rile up people :) He is the Jeremy Clarkson of AVSIM and has always been a fan of hyperbole :D
  3. alpha12125

    Seriously amazing rain

    the group is called hotstart. it is basically the developer from better pushback (systems) plus the 3d modeller from leading edge (model)
  4. alpha12125

    XPlane 11 Vulcan

    yes the 2018 goals is an aim and dont think of it as set in stone. They have updated some parts of the engine and are making progress but it is early in the game and problems might occur.
  5. not really, its just now with xp11 having extended DSF on by default it becomes abit more obvious
  6. alpha12125

    FlyJSim 737-200 V3 released!

    Well its almost 1 year of work that has gone into it. Considering that most people only pay the upgrade, the org store takes 30% and you maybe sell 1-2000 copies max (that is including the updates) this doesnt even break down to a great salary for a programmer nowadays. Regarding the lower price more sales argument, that does not really hold true in flightsimming, since your market is so limited, you cant really scale up with lower prices
  7. alpha12125

    Ortho4XP Overlays

    if you are a little bit tech savy there are some pretty nifty python scripts to update your overlay. these are alot faster and espeically if you have 100s of of ortho files alot faster.
  8. i know that one and usually i wouldnt suggest it. thats why i said i am grasping for straws that maybe an install in a different folder, or that there are bad sectors on the hdd and a reinstall might help there. Like i said its grasping for straws as i have no idea what it could be
  9. this is very strange... grasping for straws here. i assume you totally deinstalled xp11 and tried installing it again ? also out of interest can you run the xp 10 demo ?
  10. can you remove any joysticks , gamepads etc then try to launch ?
  11. x-plane doesnt have a support forum ? or do you mean ? I would suggest writing directly to laminar research. they are usually very helpfull with this kind of problems, especially if you are running stock system. i suppose you are not running an overclock ?
  12. Also people don´t forget this is donationware ;) If you are able to spend 50+ dollars on planes of questionable quality, giving andras some money should be a nobrainer :)
  13. is there a single torrent available ? i might put it a few month on my NAS and let it seed with 5-10 mbit. Otherwise i´ll try to keep the single ones open
  14. alpha12125

    alpilotx HD Mesh v4 Announced

    people need to remeber though that you need an overlay over your ortho, and hd mesh v4 will greatly improve the visuals when you build a new overlay from it. so in that regard it is even for ortho users helpfull to build new an improved overlays for their exisiting scenery.
  15. well if you know something about the way the scenery is done in x-plane, there is no way to use the current orbx way of doing things in x-plane. pretty much w2xpl is state of the art in that regard. the biggest issue of w2xpl is that the models are not optimzed and from different sources and that there is no uniform single source. So the way orbx would release it imho is colour corrected photoscenery with w2xpl style placed objects and improved models. So while it is of course not illegal, it does have a funny taste. its borrowing a car, rebuilding it completely putting another colour and batch on and sell it. Of course they could only use it as analyzing the competitor and everything else is just coincidence ;)