Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG Mini Review

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Another mini review from me.  I picked this amazing red/gold livery for testing.  I'm actually pretty impressed they included it.  I toured this plane at work last summer, pilots were really cool too.  Anyway I sent Aerobask the pics I had and they decided to paint it up for their release!  Haha cool!  Anyway my thoughts on the solid Eclipse 550 NG from Aerobask....

For starters, it's a huge step above their old freeware version.  Everything from the textures, modelling, avionics, clickspots, sounds are changed.  Really it's a completely new model/project.  I loved their freeware version and I love this version!  It's on the higher end cost-wise for x plane addons.  However if you're used to P3D/FSX it's cheap hehe!  I'd say it's a medium systems modeled aircraft.  I believe they are working on a new update already, planning for a summer 2017 release.  I think they mentioned a full pressurization system on their forums.  I flew a test flight tonight (in daytime though), did a VFR flight up to 17,500 ft.  I used the autopilot, and the ATS (auto throttle) both on and off, and I did a lot of hand flying too.  It is a nimble little jet and hand flying is easy.  The autopilot is a bit more advanced than your typical GA high end aircraft, so read the manual.  But it does have a speed hold in pitch change, basically an IAS/FLC vertical mode and you can climb/descend in VS mode.  

The avionics, if you have any of their earlier Dynon Skyview products, are amazing.  They are sharp, rendered beautifully, and easy to read.  Many areas on the PFD/MFD are clickable with mouse wheel to set ALT, HDG, CRS, VS, etc etc.  They can be popped out but I'm unsure if they can be sent to another monitor (XP11).  You can load STARs, DPs, and sort of load IAP's.  Sort of meaning there's not an official IAP loading implementation via the PROC button yet.  You load arrival then add an approach.  Sometimes the dynon will skip waypoints during the approach based on ground speed and turn radius etc, so it's a WIP I think.  There is a way to add charts to their GTN750.  Speaking of that it is not quite as complex as the RXP units but since Aerobask built their's from scratch (and a GTN650) they function fairly well and all 3 major operating systems.  Still there are some functions missing so I'd love to see a RXP integration possibility.

I think something is up with my XP11 sounds... they've been so quiet since pb12.  Someone suggested I reset preferences - just haven't gotten around to it yet.  But the sounds with the product are alright.  Again could be my end but they all seem muttled/mixed together.  They react to power settings of course but I'm thinking they could be better.

The texturing is incredible... as you can see from my shots.  This is their finest aircraft yet I'd say!  PBR is amazing in XP11 and all the little details stand out in the cockpit like the metal accents on the throttle and seatbelt buckles etc.

Oh, flying around Duluth, MN KDLH and near KHIB as well as KSUW/KDYT for my proving ground hehe.  RTB DLH for the RNAV (GPS) Ry 27 approach from PLANE.  I had to go direct PLANE several times before the dynon drew it out.  Kinks with the IAP's like I mentioned above.  And default XP11 except the Ortho4XP ZL16 tiles (and ZL18 around dlh)

Anyway the pics.  Don't freak out, the first is real deal lol





















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Nice review and nice screen shots. Purchased it and love it. BTW items that are un-dockable cannot be moved to another monitor, but hopefully its possible in the future. Using XP-11.


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Might have to go get this one. That is one gorgeous airplane! Thanks Ryan.


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Ryan, I always look forward to your little reviews. Nicely done, and keep 'me coming.  Thanks!


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Great review, thanks for letting us know about this great product.

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