"VERY Moderate Reviews on Steam so far"

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Now I see why Microsoft turned in the keys. This community is cannibalistic to a concerning degree. I am now happy to see some far more reasonable voices come forward to support the new products, which like it or not, revived this petulant hobby. 


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Do not mistake the Steam community for AVSIM.  Steam is insanely unforgiving...

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I would expect Steam to be worse than this to be honest, but I calling to light the irony of such a similarly titled thread

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Have you read the reviews?
I think it reflects a good cross section.

And not too surprising, either.


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I'd take most of the comments on Steam with a pinch of salt. It's like reading the comments under a YouTube video written by an angry teenager looking for attention or trying to be funny. There are some decent good and bad reviews, but most are just annoying to read and offer little feedback.

At the end of the day, people knew it was early-access and based on FSX but still don't seem to grasp what the concept of early-access is. Writing a review after 30 mins and demanding a refund is just silly in my experience. Isn't the whole idea of signing up for early-access to offer bug reports and offer feedback, or am I missing something? 

There were similar posts appearing when X-Plane 11 was released as a public beta (Which just like FSW, users had to pay for). Just like XP11 and Aerofly FS2, I'd give it a chance and see where it goes. 


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For sure Tony, it does well deserve the same good will and enthusiasm as XP11 and AEFS2.

These are, for me, the three worth considering platforms of the future for leisure flight simming. For real training I really prefer to fly my gliders, and if I want true IFR training I start ELITE IFR....

But, so far, the performance, the graphics ( less the night which is too dark, like in ELITE IFR :-) ), the default aircraft and the details with which they're modelled, all give me very good and plausible reasons to credit DTG's FSW. 

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9 hours ago, Green parks said:

Sounds like one to avoid. Perhaps they should've left it to the professionals. 

Personally I'll wait until FSX v4 is released and see how that one goes. 

DTG are professionals. I don't even know what you mean by that. 

I think you're going to be waiting a long time, unless you mean P3D v4, and if that, then I still suspect you'll still be waiting a while. 

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