V4- Volumetric Fog issue

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Hello All,

Just upgraded to P3d v4 - looks like a new era in flight simulation out there.

New build is working great , however i noticed an issue. When Volumetric Fog is not selected in the Weather Tab, the skies completely grey up and visibility is reduced. Kind of like when in real life there is a forest fire and there is nothing but haze around.  . However , the i turn the fog on , the blue sky and proper sky color return fine. IN version 3 , i did not have this issue.

This is a completely vanilla install of P3d with no weather or environmental add-ons .

Changing weather themes, visibility makes no difference.

I generally fly with the fog off as i feel that it looks better at high altitude with it off

Is anyone else experiencing this? Could possibly be a shader issue? Or settings.

Tried re-building my shaders , using different graphic drivers, however does not seem to resolve the issue.

Posted this in the P3d forums and several users are experiencing this too

Lets hope it has been reported by LM and on the  to-do-list for hotfix 1

Just want to see if anyone is experiencing the same issue. thank you


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Imho Vol Fog places correct fog at the correct places. With VolFog disabled P3Dv4 adds a low altitude thin layer of fog....

Like Benjamin stated , at Hifisimtech they are looking into it. In the mean time enable Vol Fog ; it looks better and you will have the benefit of Vol Fog in your scenery ( where there is fog ). Hardware is getting better and the fps panelty is not so much anymore.

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I'm also seeing this issue. My old PC can't handle volumetric fog on a foggy day (duh) with heavy aircraft addons, it sure looks better but I prefer to have it off for performance.


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the fog "problem" as you call it, is the way ver4 works at the moment. It's not because of something you messed up with shaders. 

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Ah! I was wondering about that  in V4. It's certainly a problem for me. 

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Using VOL fog had a bit of a performance hit for me albeit only slightly in P3Dv3 so I had it turned off. I also thought the Vol fog was a little over done.

However in P3Dv4 I noticed no penalty at all. And now with the added adjustable VOL fog feature in ASN I can reduce the effect to my liking.

Life is good



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