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2018 Wishlist

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2017 will go down as one of the biggest years in simming history. Many great things and new versions (as well as new sims) were released in 2017. So what are some of the things that are wish items or expect to see in 2018.

My thoughts/wishes are:

XPlane 11
Native VR

All planes supported in P3Dv4 with native installers

P3Dv4 support

JS41 released for P3Dv4 

Opens up into Aerofly FS2 and we get closer to having a Europe Controlled area

The Porter is finally released

Small plane support by having golf cars for pax (instead of vans and buses) and no more tugs (for push back or luggage) parked near plane

Native installers for P3Dv4 including fixing Grenadines to allow use in P3Dv4

While new scenery is introduced into P3D/FSX, we start to see more progress in AeroFlyFS2 and XP11

Bae 146 collection native P3Dv4 installers with a working GNS-XLS FMS

new headsets from Oculus Rift and Vive which offer higher res as well as new features.

Thats about all I got. What are you thinking?

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AccuSim x64

Mega Airport Johannesburg (fingers firmly crossed that this project isn't dead)

Hong Kong-Kai Tak optimised for P3D v4

OLC Africa and Middle East

Boeing 787 for P3Dv4

RealGlass and TrueLight appearing in other 3rd party aircraft (I'm aware of Aerosoft, would be nice to see others follow their lead)

Lockheed Martin
Must have:
- A fix for P3D v4 that solves the autogen popping up in blocks!
Would like:
- Increased number of tasks from CPUs to GPUs


All of which is reasonable and should be achievable.

Ryzen 3700X 4.4GHz(PBO) / Gigabyte AB350 Gaming 3 / ASUS GTX 1070 O8G / 32GB Corsair Vengeance 3200 MHz / triple monitor

P3Dv5 HF1 + FS Global Ultimate NG + ORBX + ASP3D (beta) + ChasePlane + WIN 10 Pro
QW 757 787 / AS A32x A330 / MJC Dash 8 / A2A PA-28 / JF C152 / PA A380 / PMDG 737NGX  777 / FT E-Jets v2

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Milviz - B350i PLEASE!!!!!!!

Continued evolution of Chaseplane

Anything Flightbeam, Orbx, PMDG, A2A, Majestic, TFDi

Resurrection of Real Air and FSDiscovery


Mario Di Lauro

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1 hour ago, tamsini said:

Milviz - B350i PLEASE!!!!!!!



Unflat runways
A less-buggy weather API with improved atmospheric effects
Better night flying


REX Skyforce


Opa Locka or Palm Beach (or both)
Bahama airports


A high quality turboprop
A high quality business jet (that uses Navigraph)


Further improvements in ATC


Gregg Seipp

"A good landing is when you can walk away from the airplane.  A great landing is when you can reuse it."
i7-8700 32GB Ram, GTX-1070 8 Gig RAM

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Guest JustanotherPilot

PMDG....737 Max development consideration

AS A330 finally released

Majestic Dash 300 same quality as their Q400

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1. Leonardo releasing their Maddog
2. TFDi deciding to develop MD-11(F)
3. Carenado releasing Saab 340 (as their more systemwise complex aircraft ever)
4. PMDG releasing 747-8 and celebrating their 20-year development with a week of 50% discounts for longtime customers. :ha:
5. CaptainSim releasing their 757, follwed by 767, and showing their best ever system simulation on those.
6. Someone taking the challenge to simulate a high quality A350.
7. Someone taking the challenge to create a modern and neat ATC software (I know there's the awesome VATSIM but lately I've flown off-line a lot).
8. Some older airports finally coming to P3Dv4 (e.g. EFHK, EPKK, UUDD, USSS, LEMD, LPPT, RJAA, VTBS).

Rafal Haczek


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A320 and A330 and a Christmas sale on EDDF (as a good start into 2018)


Overdrive and Airport HD for P3Dv4; release of the Force line up

Just Flight: 

release of Global traffic or at least a full detailed preview so that I know if it is worth to wait or jump on to UTL


uneven runways; DX12; better utilization of multiple CPU cores; 


more features; better touch support; some way to adjust the sharpness software wise 

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