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Thank you for the kind words...

On 11/1/2018 at 4:40 AM, John F said:

Taking a broad view of things! That's really nice.


My monitor, although widescreen, is not THAT widescreen.
The shot is stitched from two with 50% overlap.
And yes, it is beautifully made scenery. You can see Jarrad has a passion for this.
I'll add this one although I have posted it elsewhere:




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Funny you mention that, Sascha, I quite agree... 😃


OK it's not curved nor quite as big, but it does the job.

This was swapped in while my "main" monitor was repaired.
Somehow, it  became promoted and just stayed put! 
Flightsims work well widescreen.
Dell™ U2913WM Flat Panel Monitor


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