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Bit of Military - B52 Stratofortress

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I have been gradually extracting my Captain Sim aircraft into FSX-SE (737/721 being my favorites so far). This re-installation (for B-52 Stratofortress) completes the last aircraft from my CS Archive, one that I do not recall flying much at all, probably because it was military...

The legendary B-52 was an eight-engine long-range strategic bomber expected to complete full 100-years of service (first introduced in 1952, and with continuous upgrades (it has variants: A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H), is likely to remain in service till 2050!). It was created by Boeing to replace Convair's best-known B-36 Peacemaker. Among its many firsts, back in January 1957, three B-52s made a non-stop flight around the world, during which 24,325 total miles were covered in 45 hours 19 minutes with only 3 in-flight re-fuelings.

B-52 has not, however, had a peaceful life (see shot #3). Nonetheless, please find below these sample images as a testament to this remarkable piece of aviation - in the Memphis Belle paint (Memphis Belle nickname was first used on the B-17F Flying Fortress, but was also used on two B-52s). This test flight uses take-off and touch-down in PHNL (Hawaii). Thanks for viewing. [CS/MSE/REX]
















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Saw the RW version long ago doing some (very) low level radar evasion flying in Nevada once.  25 feet off the ground and howling along.  Got my attention I'll tell yah.

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Thanks for the recollection, Dan. I'm glad you had a chance to hear the "eight" original (aka: noisy) P&W T33 engines howling along barely off the ground...I had once witnessed a B707 taking off which is noted to have the same P&W engines (designated JT3D), but, of course, numbering 4 (not 8), so I can imagine the sound for the B-52...

These B-52s were surely built tough to last a long time (along with raw power), without any need for consideration of noise and fuel-efficiency. I understand one of the primary initiatives with the current fleet of B-52s is the replacement of these legacy engines with newer types that are more efficient.

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The B52 is interesting in takeoff, the nosewheel stays on the ground last if you watch it closely.  I remember growing up in the late 60's and early 70's, watching the B52's and their contrails overhead.  One of the most panic stricken days I ever had as a boy, something kept quiet by our government, was the scrambling of nearly our entire airforce in the early 70's. The sky was full of contrails, B52's and fighter contrails, because of a false alarm of a Soviet missile strike.  I learned of this thru an Air Force Colonel, who was the father of a school friend, who hosted my school group at Travis once in '75.


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