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X-ATC-Chatter confusion

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Hi Dave,

I just purchased X-ATC-Chatter this morning and have been trying to install it in Pilot2ATC.   I have carefully read the manuals for both products and after several hours of effort, there appears to be only ONE way to set this up.  I'm hoping to get some clarification on this.

Here is the only way I've been able to get this to work:

  1. Copy "C:\X-ATC-Chatter\Regions\United States\Controllers" to "C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\ATC_Chatter"
  2. Set the Root Folder = "C:\Pilot2ATC_2018_x64\Sounds" (or leave the field blank)
  3. Check the "Controller Files" radio box

If it is true that this is the only way to set this up then I suppose all the other "options" only apply to other than X-ATC-Chatter customers.   I am still very confused on that.  Apparently, I should have known to ignore all that and just do the three steps that work.   Trying to use the "Root Folder" and the other radio buttons only results in frustration and hours of wasted effort.   I have literally spent ALL MORNING on this!

Here are the failed attempts that I have made (the first seems very logical to me since I purchased the X-ATC-Chatter product and use the structure EXACTLY as shipped.

(1) Point to the files directly

  • Unzip X-ATC-Chatter.zip to C:\X-ATC-Chatter
  • Set the Root Folder = "C:\X-ATC-Chatter\Regions\United States"
  • Set radio button "Sound Source" to "Controller Files"

This ABSOLUTELY should work!   The next directory under "United States" is "Controllers" which is exactly what the Root Folder is expecting so   $RootDir/Controllers should be a valid pathname.   I was shocked this didn't work.

(2) Like (1) except I wanted to set things up so I would get chatter anywhere in the world I fly:

  • Set the Root Folder = "C:\X-ATC-Chatter\Regions"
  • Set radio button "Sound Source" to "Country Files"

Obviously this had no chance of working since (1) did not work but when I was still naive about this,  it sure made sense to me that this should work.

(3) Simlink the "Controllers" directory from X-ATC-Chatter to Pilot2ATC.

This would maintain a single copy of the files on my system making updates to the files simple to maintain.   I did not try using a hard link (junction) and I suspect that would have worked but I don't like to use those since Windows 10 doesn't reveal where they point and this confuses me looking back months later.  It was disappointing that this did not work as my hopes to prevent duplication of data quickly disappeared.

(4) Still hanging on to the notion that you were building a pathname from $RootFolder/Controllers,  I tried editing the AppConfig.xml file directly manually setting the RootATCChatterFolder setting to other places but finally realized that was not working either.

I apologize that my frustration is showing here.   This is really good software and I certainly do not regret buying it.   I'm just disappointed that after apparently seeing all these "configuration options" to finally discover that there are no options at all!  Please correct me on any misunderstandings.   I just want to take full advantage of my $60.



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6 minutes ago, snomhf said:

You do sound rather snarky.   Maybe you should take a nap!

Are we talking about ourself??:blink:

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