Which FSDT cargo hub?

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20 hours ago, Mace said:

What / where is this fix you mention?

it's on INIbuilds website.

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The airstairs on the UPS parking spots at KSDF have been broken for a long time...Umberto posted in their forums that it'd be fixed in the next GSX update, but that was four months ago.


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On 5/19/2019 at 1:45 PM, LH340fan said:

-lack of "ultimate" tech / no rain ground effects, no PBR or such tech

Although KMEM was released 3 years ago, it has the following "ultimate" tech that nobody else has yet:

- Rain effects with TIMED water puddles that, instead of just appearing/disappearing instantly, stay for some time *after* it stopped raining.

- A custom collision system which is far more advanced then any other scenery out there, which allows things like the airplane nose or wings possibly colliding into a pole or a wall, without crashing. The custom collision system also allows special optimizations nobody else can do, like animated cars that starts their animations (which might be heavy on fps) only if the airplane is inside a specific perimeter, so it's not just a plain range, but a carefully optimized polygon that follows the terminal profile.

- A Control Tower which can be visited in Avatar mode, with doors that open/close when you step in, and a working elevator. And with the tower internals with stairs and railings that can be climbed and act like real walls, thanks to the custom collision system. And with animated monitors. And with 5.1 positional audio effects, so you'll be able to hear chat coming from the *actual* position of the chairs the tower people is sitting, random telephone calls, random computer keyboard presses, ALL in full 3D positional audio, if you have the equipment. This doesn't cost ANYTHING on fps, since the Tower internal is not loaded until you are very close to it, of course.

- The positional audio continue on the outside, in various places, like the Cirrus service center or the Wilson Air Center

- You can open/close several hangars, including the large FedEx, which will play its animation and sounds, and you can even turn on/off the lights in it, and also climb on the stairs that are inside of it, thanks to the custom collision system. 

- You can use the YouControl menu to Warp the airplane or the Avatar to several interesting places, and controls several options in the scenery.

Yes, maybe KMEM still lacks the "in your face" effects granted by PBR, but other than that, it's as "ultimate" tech as you can get. Maybe even too much...

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