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Pilots FS Global U NG and ORBX LOWI mesh thingie

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Hello guys,

it is known that addon airports mostly come with theyr own mesh and LOWI is one of those stunning sceneries including surroundings.

Pilots new mesh does interfere with ORBX LOWI due to the 2 "overlapping" meshes. They tend to fight eachother and some nasty terrain popping does occure including some small areas with floating buildings.

Does anyone know which .BGL area has to be turned off from FSGUNG so that the ORBX mesh could take over?

All references I found were related to older Pilots mesh products.


Thank you.

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If could also be an issue with ORBX itself if you have installed FTX SGE. There is a setting in the LOWI menu which you have to enable/disable. Don't know exactly, because I'm not at home.

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by SGE he means ORBX Germany South.

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LOWI works without mesh issue with FS GLOBAL 2018 FTX but there is a mesh conflict with FSG ultimate NG

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4 hours ago, watin said:

LOWI works without mesh issue with FS GLOBAL 2018 FTX but there is a mesh conflict with FSG ultimate NG

Correct! There are basicaly 2 mesh products offered from Pilots: Global and Ultimate.

Global has no bathymetry and is a bit low res. LOWI was based on Global 2010 and Global 2018 is a small update of that version thus "no" issues with LOWI.

Ultimate includes bathymetry and is high res (accurate to 1m) that's why it "fights" LOWI's mesh in some areas.

Explanation of the "no" in above sentence: Reviews did detect floating buildings on the final turn to RWY 08 and small terrain popping also with the Global mesh. The post I linked above does show a comment from Pilot's regarding the issue and the files that need to be disabled. I'm looking for the same fix but for the Ultimate mesh.

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Posted (edited)

I found this formula a little time back to calculate the bgl file to disable.  I put it into an Excel spread sheet to quickly find multiple cells.  Remember, the number "0" is used as a separator between the Lat / Long calculated numbers.

The Matterhorn summit is at E007° 39.5’ (= 7.65833°), N45° 58.6’ (= 45.97667°).
Inserting these values to our formula leads to:
XX = truncate ( (7.65833+180) / 3.75) = truncate ( 50.04 ) = 50
YY = truncate ( (90-45.97667) / 2.8125) = truncate ( 15.65 ) = 15
So the Matterhorn summit is contained in the FS Global file DX050015.BGL.
Just take care that western longitudes and southern latitudes are represented by
negative values for longitude respective latitude.

The FS Global files are distributed in directories covering one continent or area each.

The bgl above is DX[seperator]50[separator]15.bgl

You will need Google Earth to get the Lat / Long of the middle of the airport or where ever you need to correct.

You will have to convert Degrees / Minutes / Seconds  to Degrees Decimal.  There is a web page that will do it for you down to 8 decimal places.

This works for me with Pilots - FS Global Ultimate - Next Generation FTX.




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