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  1. I agree, it's a strange way they have done the stuff.However, it's not only "Walk and talk" but aso the new Orbix AU Blue scenery that has to be purchased there.So I've actually purchased it from them. If something bad comes out of it - I'll let you know. As I said, I might be stupid.;-) Edit for spelling..
  2. I've checked the Certificate and it's valid for https://www.flightsimstore.com/ - and that's also the base URL. and it's using https (and SSL). Grated, I get a popup that states the is a page with both Secure and unsecure items - but to say this is unsecure, is quite a statement. Maybe I'm just stupid, but why do you think it's unsecure?EDIT: I've checked the page some more, and I can see that AES-256 bit crypt. is used. From my point of view the connection is Encrypted and secure.
  3. I hadn't heard, what a loss. My thought goes out to his family.Rest in peace Captain Tarmack.
  4. Hi Donald.You are correct about the 2 missions.As they state:"Two FSX missions "with voice files"(coming soon as free download)."They are not ready yet. :)
  5. Hi Ianmaca,Welcome - One thing that could do this in FSX is a mix of traffic from FS9 (and earlier version) and FSX.If you put a "traffic.bgl" from any other version than FSX in FSX - FSX traffic is not shown.Hope this helps
  6. I think they are interesting.I might buy them if the price is right. There is a quite good unbiased review here:http://arstechnica.com/reviews/hardware/vi...dset-review.ars
  7. Ted,I think you have misunderstood Bill's post.Just pressing the 'M' key does not do anything.You need to press 'M' followed by the '=' key in order to move the switch.
  8. I've been there with FSC as well.There is an fsc.ini file in FSC directory.Open fsc.ini in notepad - look for "WINX=" and delete the value after,do the same with "WINY=".Save FSC.INI - and restart FSC - now you should have the window back in a more usable position. ;)
  9. Al,I think he refers to this-http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...ing_type=searchIt did help me.
  10. I have to say it works for we as well!Vista Ultimate 32, TrackIR and LvlD 767.
  11. Lars has released a version for FSX - It's a "Community Technology Preview" but it works great for me. http://www.fsonline.dk/en/index.php?title=EditVoicepack
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