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  1. Now the problems seems to be solved with the latest driver from Nvidia 84.21 WHQL.
  2. I fixed my problem #2 with an older NVidia driver Forceware 77.77 provided by Leadtek for my Leadtek PX7800 GT 256 Mb.Downloaded from here : http://www.leadtek.com.tw/eng/support/down...0/6200%20SeriesI uninstalled the actual 88.98 WHQL driver using the Windows control panel uninstall function. And I downloaded and installed Driver Cleaner Pro. http://www.drivercleaner.net/I booted in Windows safe mode (F8 pressed during startup) and ran the driver cleaner for the NVidia drivers.I booted and lauched Windows in normal mode. I installed the 77.77 driver by Leadtek and booted for the last time.Now FS starts displaying black areas as I described above, but at least, the worst problem i've had is FIXED : no more flashing textures at all and no more PC crash ! good ..Hope it helps.
  3. Yes 350 watts are enough until you don't have 10 hard disks and 10 hardwares USB plugged :)And I have never met any problem with Battlefield 2 using the same system .. :)Also 350 Watts of a good and stable power (Enermax) are much better than 480 Watts from poor powers industries.. I read a surprising article about this in a hardware press magazine :)Edit : for problem #1, yes it happens with ANY third party windows, and I tried two drivers. The latest official 88.90 WHQL, and I also tried with 93.10 Beta : same problem in FS, and even worse, because in Battlefield all textures flash ..
  4. Hi,I have two problems with my new computerThe first one is like this:Any third party window (ADV disp of Pete Dowson ; fspassengers live status window ; IvAp or SB3 etc) turn the lower part of the main panel window in full black. It can be "fixed" if I enter in full screen mode and come back to the window mode. If I switch to another window than FS9, the problem is the same until I do the same trick as mentioned above.The second problem is worse:When I fly for more than 2 hours, whatever the scenery, the location, the aircraft, the virtual cockpit textures and those of the external model start flashing, like if the video card memory got empty and immediately reloads the texture. It's getting faster and faster until it's flashing quickly and the aircraft starts to behave weird and it turns unflyable. So it makes the virtual long haul flights impossible :x It's really weird. The first problem is also encountered by another guy that has a Nvidia GeForce 6800 GT in an AGP slot.Note that I have NO problem in Battlefield 2 / Electronic Arts with the exact same hardware and settings, while I ALWAYS have the same problems with FS9.0 and FS9.1, and I also tested with my add-ons and no addons at all with a fresh install !Here are my hardware specs and display settings :Power 350 WattsAsus A8N Sli Premium (updated nforce4 driver)CPU AMD 64x2 4400+ mounted with a Zalmann fan CPNS 7700 cuRAM 2x 1Gb G.Skill PC4000Leadtek/Nvidia GeForce 7800 GT 256 Mo (driver Forceware 88.98 WHQL)hard drive 400 Gb western digital 7200rpm 16 Mo cache SATASoundBlaster Audigy Player (updated driver)Windows XP SP2Samsung LCD 19" 1280x1024 32 bits 75hz , tested also at 60 HzAA x4 , aniso x4
  5. Hi,At least, there's a French translation in PDF of Type Course #1 about the Autothrottle. Published at www.freeworks.fr.st or more directly here.
  6. Good thing this Type Course is !I learnt some things about the pmdg model A/T features .Already, I translated the first TC into French, about Autothrottle and put it freely downloadable from my homepage http://www.freeworks.fr.st .I guess there's no problem since I already translated the whole manuals of the 737NG (whoops, already, still is missing the *long* one about 737s FMC... in standbye at 50% lol).
  7. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...0&topic_id=1794
  8. >I want them - but they should not be frequent at all - maybe>once every 20-30 minutes or so. Also, an option to turn them>off would be a must :)I second that !
  9. Hi Folks,I'm a beta tester of FsPassengers and this is what I can tell you.Feel free to fuel your Queen as you wish using the given tool provided by PMDG, outside FS fueling menu. That's not a problem at all regarding FsPassengers flights because, when fueling is done, THEN you'll start a FsPassengers flight and in its payload dialog window, DO NOT touch the fuel slider and everything will be fine. This way, FsPassengers won't modify in any way your fuel amount.Best,
  10. Anyway It looks like it's not released yet, and only available for pre-release order. So people here who asked for other users thoughts won't have any answer I bet. ;)
  11. Even if it's not a frame hog, jetways have 2D wheels and 2D "legs", non-transparent windows.. and the author has spent too many polygons in building the terminal 2 interior instead of the jetways, which are the ones you see from your flightdeck when you dock or leave.. hehe You may wanna check a [a href=http://www.simflight.fr/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=2567]review[/a] (in French, sorry).
  12. Don't worry Joseph you won't pay again for Version 2. I had Version 1 and I installed V2 with my serial "that I kept in a safe place" along the installer file ;)If you purchased on simMarket, you can retrieve your serial keys as follows :- on the homepage click "your account"- log in with your email / password- select my order details and downloads- click on the order date that correspond to your Heathrow Pro order- and there you'll your order details and of course your serial key for the scenery :)
  13. Another item on which Carenado and Flight One differ is that the last one features an interactive flight instructor that won't be found in the Carenado's package.
  14. In fact the issue came from my dark and cold procedure. I loaded first the Cessna, and switched off all systems and fuel out of avionics. Then I loaded the 737-700 Ariane.But if I load first the 737-700 Ariane, the Radios are working fine. So I will switch off systems in it, and then save the flight. That will be my dark and cold procedure and I shouldn't experience anymore NAV/COM locked. :)Thanks.
  15. Thanks ! There was an error in the manuel then !Now following the tutorial.. I'm still looking why the NAV/COM are locked .. that may be linked with the IRS update system and the FMC autotuning VORs freq.. I hope I'll find out :)
  16. Hi Guys,You seem to have her under control while I'm just reading the first pages of the OPS_NORM Procedures manual.Just one point, how do you connect the ground power ? I think I'm respecting the manual :parking break setbattery ONGRD PWR switch ONThen CTRL pressed and hold, SHIFT pressed and hold and G pressed.. but still there is no ground power unit !What did I miss ? :-hmmm
  17. My suggestion is subscribe to a Lufthansa VA and get FS Passengers when available. For less than 40 US$ you'll be able to fly any aircraft and you'll pick a flight from the VA tables. :D
  18. Yeh it is and it's not straightly compatible with all our aircrafts add-ons.. I'm more looking forward FSPassengers, far more features, and as I'm a VA member, I'll keep taking flights from their flights tables, no flight assigned. One day I pick a short, another a long one and where I prefer. This is the way I fly in FS :D
  19. Hi,As freeware, actually you could install fdsfxpnl.zip from Marcus Thompson.As payware, there is Flight Deck Companion. (FS2Crew doesn't feature cabin annoucements, "only" chief attendant's questions to flight crews before departure or in flight).As payware too but in developement, there will be www.fspassengers.com .Hope it helps.
  20. Yeah they may be busy developing ATCinn but they are not also very interested in the FS market.. :-violin I hope you'll manage.
  21. Hi,Thanks for the info ! I'm particularly interested in that fix between FSInn and FS2Crew :)
  22. John Tavendale reminded me about Kansai, very nice stuff !!It's Kazuhiro Miyazaki, made for FS 2002, but compatible FS 9. Check his other japanese sceneries, they are looking very nice !http://flightinfo.ens.ne.jp/sfs/Another link for detailed Irish sceneries :http://www.ifsd.ie/index.html
  23. Another scenery with nice jetway animations and nice 3D buildings / ground static objects is San Jose Santamaria (MROC), Costa Rica, by Rodrigo Gonzales.http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?DLID=47807
  24. >Hello, >>I was just wondering if anyone knew if there was an FS>Maintenance for 2004 or if the Real1 is 2004 compatible or is>going to be? >Hi Josh, you may check Alert!! Pro http://www.flytechsoft.com , or better but not yet released http://www.fspassengers.com .
  25. I'll second what said "AJ". RFP v2's order gives the right to download for free a S-Combo Classic software, the last version before Dave March turns it to the most complex flight deck companion with much more features and voice sets.But S-Combo Classic bugs sometimes, and it's not supported anymore by anyone. And its downloads number, in the RFP forum, is very low in front of RFP v2 sales (less than 1000 times read, downloads are even lower then).I would say 747 RFP v2 is not more equipped than any other add-on aircraft outhere. Just Captain Sim 727 with its interactive checklists is one that doesn't need a FS2Crew product. The "little" problem is the team said they will stop development, so everybody wonder what will happen if 747 RFP v2 is not fully compatible FS 2006. There are 2 questions in 1, compatible or not, if not, patched or not patched.Maybe developing first FS2Crew for PMDG 737-600/700 gives the time to 767 Level-D/ PMDG 747-400 / Flight1 727 to be released (hem). The Flight1 ATR would deserve a FS2Crew but maybe the market is not that large. Or developing FS2Crew for Concorde, but which one ? hard decision. The 707 Captain Sim may not deserve it from my point of view. Remains finally the SSW A310, which future compatibility is unknown (already "old"), and that would make FS2Crew's market narrow only for that (with some other reasons).I would go for a PMDG 747-400 or 767 Level-D, second choice F1 ATR 72-500. :)
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