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  1. I recommend the O&O Defrag, but it doesnt
  2. normada

    Active camera problem

    Active Camera works just fine with TrackIR. If you turn off (deselect) the roll axis within the TrackIR setup menu there
  3. normada

    Good laptop for FS9?

    I have an Dell Inspiron XPS Gen2 Laptop (build in 2005). Due to its native resolution of 1920x1200 pixels it
  4. normada

    Active camera problem

    Be sure that gradually transitions in the view options of the external pilot view is unchecked. Don
  5. normada

    Optimal FS9.CFG Settings.

    Negative values here will always produce some type of shimmering on the textures. I
  6. normada

    Optimal FS9.CFG Settings.

    >Paul and Tom, thanks for sharing your settings, very helpful,>will need to try them.>>My only problem is that I still get blocks of textures on the>ground occasionally, when I turn my TrackIR-ed head. :)>>Do you still see them occasionally when pocking out from VC?>>My specs are: Core2Extr 6800, GF7900GTX, 2Gb RAM + lots of>input devices and TrackIR.Hi,this might have something to do with the texture bandwidth setting within the FS9.cfg. The default value is 40. Try rising it to something about 120 or higher, this depends on your hardware. Some suggests a value of 400, i
  7. normada

    Somebody changed my textures!

    Is the UT Ind/Commercial Lancdclass set also deactivated in your scenery.cfg ?I suggest to deactivate every Scenery addon within your scenery.cfg one by one until you see from where this textures comes. If you have FSNavigator there is a smart tool called FSNavDBC which can do this very easy or of course within the FS9 library manager.In my scenery.cfg the entry for the UT Ind/Commercial Landclass is calledUltimate Terrain - Ind/Comm Landclass.Hope this helpsRon
  8. have to agree with max. I
  9. normada

    water reflections problem

    Try the reflection set called REFLECTIONS within flight environment and choose clear skies within the FS9 weather menu. See if you get any sun reflections at dusk or dawn on the water.As i
  10. normada

    VC Guages

    Have a look here at the second topic
  11. normada

    VC Guages

    Just try it, you can
  12. normada

    VC Guages

    In the FS9.cfg is an entry called VIRTUAL_COCKPIT_TEXTURE_SCALE.By default it
  13. normada

    Which B-747 to buy ?

    Do a search for IFLY here on the avsim library.This is a freeware B747 made by some talented programmers with a fully working 747 panel (working overhead, fmc, VC ...)Hope this helpsRon
  14. Have a look at this one: downloaded but no time for testing.You must register SOH for downloading.cheers,Ron
  15. normada

    This Major Addon To Be Released Soon!

    Wow. that sounds all very promising to me. May i add that it might be usefull to release that piece of software in an early beta stage for the more experienced users.Do you plan to release it in Block-Versions or with an weekly based license system ? Will there be a money back guarantee if one or none of the promised features doens
  16. normada

    Best 3rd Party Aircrafts

    Try the PMDG 747-400. There is an forum here on avsim and the website is the Level-D 767 at should fit your needs.When it comes to the older style ananlogue cockpits have a look for the Dreamfleet 727 at http://www.dreamfleet2000.comAnd not to forget the Flight1 ATR 720-500 at http://atr.flight1.netAll of them are the most simulated birds for FS2004.Hope this helpsRon
  17. normada

    Blurriness - ideas of what's causing it?

    Tom, i also recommend to have a look into your display properties of your graphic card and verify that the performance slider there is set to high quality and not to high performance etc. I would provide the english terms for this but i´m on a german winxp and therefor i don´t know the english terms.I had strange blurries with an non default aircraft by switching on the panel lights, happens only during dusk or dawn, the problem here had something to do with a nightlighting texture of the non default aircraft.What are your mipmaps settings within FS9 ? I recommend something above 4 and also switch to bilinear filtering.Hope this helps,Ron
  18. normada

    Blurriness - ideas of what's causing it?

    Then you might explain to me why after a complete/name defragmentation and starting FS9, flying some hours and analyze the harddisk, my harddisk is defragged again, Dr. Prof John.I didn´t say that the bgl files are spread all over the harddisk, instead i tried to tell that member that organizing the files by name on the harddisk, access time will be improved and this will help to fight against the blurries. If the simulation tries to read a texture file but spends alot of time searching the corresponding bgl file, i think this will lead to blurries.And it is not just me who suggests to regulary defrag the harddisk, nearly all developers and others even here on Avsim suggest defragmentation.Ron
  19. normada

    Blurriness - ideas of what's causing it?

    Also very important is regulary defragmentation of your harddisk. FS9 tends to spread the files all over the harddisk in every session. I use a defragmentation software from O&O-Software, as the build in defrag software from WinXp doesnt make a good job.O&O defrags the harddisk with different modes which sorts your file by name, date of modified or accessed. I use the mode called Complete/Name, cause the bgl files from FS9 have a alphanumeric names.Hope this helps.
  20. Had similar problems after i installed a plane (freeware) that comes with an installer. The installer told me that i have to restart my computer. I did so and was never able to to hit the fly now button, the whole sim crashed.After uninstalling all the crappy gauges the installer put into my gauges folder all went fine.Maybe it´s just a faulty gauge in your gauge folder.I always got the message of an unknown module producing the error.Hope this helps,Ron
  21. normada

    some images of the new DirectX 10

    That FSX shot would be good for Gothic IV.Ron
  22. normada

    Active Camera

    you also restarted FS9 ? All views doesn´t work ? You have any other addon or software installed to FS9 that does take actions on the internal view system of FS9, like the F1 View util or Walk&Follow or do u use TrackIR?A bit more input would be helpfull to help You.Ron
  23. normada

    Strange problem

    then it must be something that has global effects on fs9, like any bgl inside the addon scenery folder.Another good idea might be to check if there are any changes to the default dll´s in the module folder, some addons install changed or own dll´s there. I wouldn´t reinstall so fast, as it´s so time consumpting.If you have an clue what the default dll´s are named simply rename those dll´s that are not installed by FS9 itself.Might be also an missing texture file which causes the memory hole, but that´s need´s more detective work.Good luckRon
  24. normada

    Strange problem

    if you had shortly installed some sceneries and then your problem starts, it might be a scenery problem. Just remember which one you have recently installed and try to deactivate it in your scenery.cfg or via the scenery library manager within FS9.If the problem still persists then it might be an AFCAD in your scenery/addon scenery folder. Rename those *.bgl´s to *.bak that you have recently installed and see if that helps.It might also happens that Landclass files (*.bgl) for any scenery are in the wrong folders. I read somewhere that those Landclass bgl´s must not be in a scenery folder which has also a corresponding texture folder in the subfolder.Ron