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    A bug?

    Ian,Unfortunately this wasn't the case since I was only using the sim at that time. :/One thing I forgot to mention that this has never happened to me before until now with the 800/900.
  2. ahaka

    A bug?

    Hi,I try to list some things to hopefully make my post more readable...-The gear didn't extend.-I'm not using any other add-on stuff.-Only systems that were affected were aircaft lights, radios and gear system.-The generators were on, but they stopped (for unknown reason) providing power to strobes and beacons, radios and the gear system. All other systems worked fine. There were no annunciators that the power was off, but AC was dropped down.-The LCDs were still working-Instruments were working-The only thing that solved the problem was to switch generators off, standby power off, then both back on.
  3. ahaka

    A bug?

    Hello PMDG,Today I was flying a 2hour trip from WAAA to WIII. It was a normal flight, nothing special. Startup, taxi, and takeoff went fine, so went the cruise. However, when I started descent and tune my radios, I couldn't tune them at all. I was amazed what could possibly be wrong, all the instruments where showing normal. I continued the approach without ILS and COM, and then I figured out what had happened.I extended the gear, but that didn't do anything, I looked up to the overhead, and somehow my engine generators were no longer giving power to the airplane. I had switched both GEN on after startup. I started the APU, and switched to APU power, still no AC. I then switched off standby power, the switched the engine GENs back on, and v
  4. They are done. My first test flights with the -800. :) Everything has worked beautifully so far and the new features are stunning.What I really like in this new bird is it's stability compared to the -700. It really "feels" heavier, and acts like it. It sits to the runway smoothly with a very gentle flare.Such a pleasure to fly it... :)
  5. Ok thanks, but I have no idea what my purchase number is since I didn't receive any email or anything...
  6. Hi!I recently ordered the 737-8/900 from the sales page. Everything went ok, but when I pressed the "click to finish transaction" button, I got the "page cannot be displayed" error. I wonder if my credit card was billed? I don't want to try again yet cause I don't want it to be billed twice.I didn't receive any email, so I don't have any download link either...
  7. The glideslope also gets extremely sensitive as you get closer. A very small move can move it up and down.
  8. Looks really good! Boy am I gonna buy this one. :)
  9. The new FMC features and working TCAS sounds too exciting! Can't wait!This is going to be a MUST upgrade for me. :)
  10. Well I think the cockpit shot has quite a nice lighting setup, and the exterior some good reflections too.
  11. If you take a walk around the vcabin, you will see there are two front lavatories. Now what is the right side lavatory used for, since there's the trolleys and refridgerators blocking the door? I hope it's not used to create the content of the meals...
  12. >> If you look in the PMDG options menu, you will notice an>option (blanked out for now) for which style of panel that you>wish to use...>>>[h4]Best Wishes,>Randy J. Smith>http://www.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/betaimg.jpgOk. I always thought that in real aircraft pilot can choose which mode to use, but that's obviously not the case then. :)
  13. Really nice! :)Is there a switch in the cockpit where you can switch between the PFD and ND styles during flight?
  14. ... How do I calculate this? (Needed for a correct elevator trim setup on takeoff)
  15. Depending on the aprroach speed, you should descend 500-700ft/min to stay on glidepath. Make small corrections with thrust and elevator as required.
  16. Hi,What does the message "STEEP DES AFTER *navaid*" exactly mean? Does it mean that the navaid and it's altitude is too close to the airport and would require a steep descent?
  17. Don't want sound too obvious, but have you checked your flight control positions after disconnecting AP? After disconnect, go to VC mode and check the positions of the controls.You have probably done this already, but just wanted to make sure. ;)
  18. Ross,Excellent work! Love it. ;)However, I noticed that the max takeoff weight for the -700 is different in load manager than in your fuel planner. Could you or someone tell me why? Which program should I trust? :)
  19. Just a small question...Should I not touch the FS payload settings after using load manager? Another thing I've noticed is that there's no separate load stations in FS when selecting the 737NG, why's that?
  20. Didn't find any thread about this yet, so I decided to post one.Today, on www.fsnordic.net I found this converter that converts FS2002/2004 flight plans into PMDG *.RTE format.The file is located in File Library -> New filesMight be useful for those of you who are flying with default ATC...
  21. Thanks! So I take this is a FS2004 or FSUIPC interaction problem? If registering helps I'll do it then.
  22. First of all, I want to thank PMDG for the hard work they have done to make SU2 for us. I just finisihed my first flight with it, and everything worked perfectly fine. The new features are outstanding, and I even noticed a boost in frame rates! :) I'd also like to say my thanks for the best customer support I've ever experienced, keeping customers informed all the time about what's going on with the server when it had trouble. Good job! :)Now I have a small problem though, which I'm not sure if it's FS, 737TNG, or just my hardware. I'm using CH USB Pro Pedals for rudder and brake control, but I seem to lose the calibration information from time to time. After experimenting a while, I've noticed that the calibration normally gets screwed in the following situation on takeoff:1. I hold full toe brakes, increase throttle to 40% N1.2. I press TO/GA and release the brake pressure!3. When I release, the rudder is deflected to the left.4. Only solution to fix this is to re-calibrate from control panel.The same was happening with my earlier installation of FS9 and 737TNG. Has anyone else come up with something similar?
  23. Same here! I wasnt even checking very often but still got locked up!
  24. Hehe. I wonder what alias did Saddam use here at forum... ;)
  25. Just saw the news here... While desperately trying to get on server ;)
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