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  1. I've had much better framerates with PMDG! Overall the PMDG is a lot less buggy and much smoother! I wouldn't even consider buying the A330/340.
  2. ahaka

    STAR and ATC

    I personally never use FS2004 ATC because it's just ridiculous. It doesn't even control the traffic flow correctly. Final approach is sometimes more like a race against other aircraft. The first one to land wins and the following four will go around and be vectored for another 30 minutes. Stupid and frustrating, yes.
  3. Michael,I've had the exactly same experience. I've found it best to start kicking the rudder as low as 20feet AGL! And even then the plane drifts a bit... I've also found it funny that you can land with wheels at any angle and still the main gear wont break down. Yes I know, it's the FS limitations. :)(Sorry about the two messages, don't know how to delete messages in this forum)
  4. Michael,I've had the exactly same experience. I've found it best to start kicking the rudder as low as 20feet AGL! And even then the plane drifts a bit... I've also found it funny that you can land with wheels at any angle and still the main gear wont break down. Yes I know, it's the FS limitations. :)
  5. There is no real weather radar available. As far as I know it is impossible to model in FS.
  6. Ian, I've actually heard it is impossible to cross the poles in FS. Can anyone confirm this as I'm not 100% sure, just heard it somewhere.Send us a postcard from Hawaii when you get there! :-lol
  7. Well Nico, perhaps I haven't seen this tutorial, so I don't know what's described in it and how?Let me quote you: "I am in doubt about how to control the speed and the flaps in the right way. It seems the speed and flaps limits are already in the FMC; I don't need to set them manually? Then, should I just leave the MCP Speed window alone? Should I go directly from flaps 5 to flaps 30, or should I do it in steps?"I answered to this question for you, when the glideslope comes alive you extend gear etc etc. That pretty much answers your question about how to extend the flaps periodically, and set VREF to your MCP SPD. Why your plane goes up and down I can't tell, but at least I answered your question about the flaps and MCP speed. If you've already read this somewhere and don't want anyone to repeat it, then don't ask it!
  8. When the glideslope comes active, extend the landing gear and set flaps to 15 and set VREF to MCP SPD, when you get closer to VREF set flaps to 30 or whatever flaps you have selected on FMC. Also make sure that the ILS frequency is tuned in in BOTH of the NAV radios, and the second autopilot (CMD) is activated.These are all explained in the manuals, btw.
  9. Shaun,I've been using www.pmfp.com, it's an excellent freeware flightplanner, featuring lot's of coroutes and a good flight planner with the latest navdata. You can plan your route using real airways and then print out the ATS route which is very handy when programming the FMC.As for SIDs/STARs, I use them when they are available. If not, I just vector myself or let the ATC do it.Hope this helps!
  10. ahaka


    When you're trying to engage VNAV, what does the FMC say?
  11. Good luck for the rest of your journey Ian!How are you planning to cross the Pacific? I think there's at least one long leg that lies ahead of you. Perhaps from Hawaii back to US? Make sure you've got lot's of entertainment with you during that flight. ;)
  12. R-TO stands for reduced takeoff thrust. This text only indicates which thrust limit mode is selected, not the A/T mode activated. The A/T information is displayed on PFD.
  13. Does it? :)This was actually a test if engine strike is simulated in FS9, apparently it's not. The plane was moving nicely just as if the engine was cutting the grass. The only thing missing was the dirt coming out from the engine.
  14. Hi all!For the past three months, I'vee been flying my NG around the world, and now I'm finally back at home! It took me three months to complete since my work and other things don't leave me too much time for flying.Here's the whole route:Helsinki - LondonLondon - New YorkNew York - AtlantaAtlanta - DallasDallas - DenverDenver - Las VegasLas Vegas - Los AngelesLos Angeles - HonoluluHonolulu - HiloHilo - Johnston IslandJohnston Island - BrisbaneBrisbane - SingaporeSingapore - BangkokBangkok - DubaiDubai - AmsterdamAmsterdam - HelsinkiAfter all this flying all I can say is that I love this plane and PMDG, you've done a great job!P.S I also made my personal speed record en-route Amsterdam - Helsinki, where my GS went up to 520kts! There was a 90kt tailwind. What a jetstream!
  15. I've figured out a more fun and exicting way to mow the lawn. I can't guarantee it will be neat but if you're bored with regular lawn mowing then you should probably try it out. :) (See the attachment)Surprisingly the plane didn't crash during this "operation"
  16. Interesting, I've always thought ACARS is a satellite based communications system. Thanks for clearing this up.
  17. Does the gear work as in the real plane now? So it can be set to "off" position during flight? Btw, does anyone know what's the purpose of the "off" position?
  18. Looking good! The new radio altimeter is a nice upgrade!
  19. I've noticed that instead of maintaining a magnetic heading, the 737NG tracks it! I wonder if pilots can override the track mode some way, since heading given by ATC are normally not meant to be wind-compenstated.
  20. Hi!Is there any plans on making some of the ACARS functions availaible in SU2? Especially the weather forecast for the ARR airport would be great, since VNAV PTH descent requires the runway to be selected, and the T/D is normally beyond the FS9 ATIS range.Regards,
  21. Have you tried re-installing? Maybe you're missing the gauge file for the FMC. Did you try the brightness control?
  22. ahaka

    High pitch

    Thanks Randy,No, I did not engage VNAV or any other pitch mode, because I was still under the VNAV engagement alt. However, when I engaged VNAV the problem went away, so I think it was the LVL CHG that caused it.Actually I had just retracted the flaps but my speed was just a little over 200kts. Maybe that was the problem then but it still was an agressive pitch-up.Btw, wouldn't it be better if no pitch mode would engage until the pilot selects it from the MCP? I wonder why Boeing ended up doing it this way, though I'm sure they had their reasons.
  23. ahaka

    High pitch

    Oops sorry :) It is supposed to read A/P, A/T was armed before takeoff.
  24. ahaka

    High pitch

    Can anyone at least tell me if this is a known issue or if this has been discussed before? Or am I alone with this problem?
  25. Yeah I hate it when FS9 expects it is US transition everywhere. Also it would be nice to hear different accents over different continents. ;)
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