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  1. First off, great movie! Thanks for sharing the Spitfire.A question...what did you use to capture/edit your video with? Looking to make a vid myself of MSFS2004 but nobody knows how to capture the desktop video.Thanks!Jeff
  2. Thanks! Trial and error, I guess!Jeff
  3. Stupid and late question I guess, but I was just starting to look at downloading more AK sceneries and was wondering if the add-on sceneries from 2002 were compatible with MSFS2004 (assuming any add-on terrain meshes, etc).Thanks (again)...Jeff aka mrMertz
  4. I highly second Ultimate Traffic from Flight1 also. Works really sweet with MSFS particularly with the multiple runway use!It's not a utility, but more of a "how to" for those who are interested in plane spotting called ai traffic sounds v3 and can be found here in the AVSIM library. It's a way to increase the jet and other AI volumes so that you actually feel like you are next to a 737 when it cruises by! The default enviroment a/c sounds are lame, at best.Jeff
  5. This is in ref to an earlier post I had several months ago concerning the aircraft that disappear after "x" amount of time of sitting on the taxiway.Just wondering if with the SDK's out there somebody found that "magic digit" or two that would lengthen that length of time?Jeff
  6. Has anybody else experiences this problem with this program..SimControl loaded a bunch of new aircraft into MSFS2004 fine for the most part, but now just as the splash screen comes up to start loading MSFS, it crashes (MSFS2004). I noticed during the importing of the new aircraft I received two alert messages stating that Sim Control installed two .dll files in the modules folder within MSFS and that if either one caused problems with MSFS to remove them. Weeeell, I did, but it doesn't help at all. It still crashes. Previous to installing these new a/c and receiving those messages, MSFS2004 ran flawless.Sorry if this is the wrong area to post. I looked elsewhere before landing all this here. I'll also be looking for FlightJack for answers real soon too, to be sure. I just posted on their message board there but I have had such luck at pooling everyone's resources here that I though I'd give it a shot.Thanks once more for the help...Jeff aka MrMertz
  7. Oh Boy...What did I start? I have been away from MSFS for a few months now (work and blah, blah, blah) and was just wondering if someone had come up with a work around for my original post.The reason I put this vanishing airplane bit on MS was because I had contacted Flight One thinking it was their program doing it (Ultimate Traffic) for some reason, and THEY said that Microsoft had it built into THEIR flight sim...it was not Flight One's software. They told me somebody would have to get in their and tweek some coding or such in order to change that perhaps with the SDK's coming out. They did mention that the time for an aircraft to simply vanish from the tarmac had been reduced by Microsoft from MSFS2002.But let's face it, if I don't want to wait in traffic for TO, I'm not going to set the sim to 6PM EST at Newark International and have to taxi to the active. On the other hand, if I have the time and don't mind doing some plane spotting in the meanwhile then I'll do it specifically some times just for that while sitting in line.And yes, as some have posted, I do love this sim! Especially with the Radion 9800 Pro installed. Moves faster. Thanks for all of your post!
  8. Without reading the other posts,what add-on program are you using?I have Ultimate Traffic (highly reccomended) and I have noticed that the single biggest frame rate hit I take concerning the additional AI traffic themselves is...SHADOWS!Turn off shadowing...I get a boost of about 4-5 FPS around the airports while plane spotting.Jeff
  9. With all the SDK's released, has anybody been able to figure out how to adjust the stupid "5 minutes waiting on the ground for departing is too long so we simply make you disappear here at MSFS software development group" stuff? It's rather anoying to be watching a heap of air traffic pile up for takeoff only to periodically see them just start to simply vanish off of the taxiways because MS decided to reduce the wait times from the earlier version...this is as real as it gets? Not.I'm running Ultimate Traffic and it's NOT very realistic to just have planes simply vanish and the others move up to fill in the slot!Thanks for any feedback. I saw numerous complaints about this earlier on.Jeff aka MrMertz
  10. >"but I doubt anybody else on the entire planet is or has had>this problem but me because that's my luck.">>Nope, you're not the only one. :-) >>I prefer to use DriverCleaner>http://www.driverheaven.net/cleaner/>>More info about your system (including OS) would be>helpful...>>Don't despair... this can be fixed!Geez...I guess I really AM goofed up! Forgot my system info!Running WindowsXP Home Edition on a Dell Dimension 8200, 2.0Ghz P4, 80GB HD, 1GB DDRAM, GeForce5700 with latest drivers installed on ALL devices. And yes, I WILL be checking out that link because when I was actually re-installing my drivers again for the 'ump-teenth' time, the video again locked up on me and the screen went black!I'm begining to think it's not just when MSFS runs, though it probably puts a much higher demand on the card/software perhaps than anything else and maybe that's why I notice it more. I dunno. I'm going to try to use that DriverCleaner and see what happens. Thanks!Sincerely, Jeff aka MrMertz
  11. The new NVidia GeForce 5700 card and MSFS2004...ugh.I'm still stumped on how to get this card working with MSFS2004 without crashing it.Situation: Upon installing the card, the monitor would simply go to black. Sometimes it would reboot itself with multiple wierd color presentations upon restart, other times I usually would have to shut the power off at the surge protector."Solution" #1: I went and bought a new 430W Antec power supply and changed the physical board location (on advice from NVidia) of my ehternet card to another slot (the IRQ showed both the graphics board and the ethernet in slot 16...go figure.Outcome #1: Seemed to work fine...except when I spent a few minutes inside MSFS. Then, the screen would go black or the sim would simply hang before crashing. But...I could surf the net for hours and everything was just fine."Solution" #2: Uninstalled the video drivers and re-installed via NVidia's CD the new drivers and software again. The went to NVidia and installed the updated drivers for the card (9 December).Outcome #2: Seemed to work fine...except when I spent a few minutes inside MSFS...(see above Outcome #1)!Called NVidia again. They said it sounds like I have enough software leftover from my uninstall that it is conflicting with the new drivers. They said to download and run Nasty File Remover in order to clean up any leftover files. The problem is, some of the NVidia files (all 72) that I chose to delete, not all can be deleted because access is denied. I have no clue what the heck I am doing (isn't that obvious by now?) I'm seriously considering yanking the card out and going back to my crappy 64MB GeForce MX card. At least the sim would work. Looked like a slide show at times, but worked.Any advice would be helpful before I yank it Sunday, but I doubt anybody else on the entire planet is or has had this problem but me because that's my luck.Oh, one sidebar to all of this...when I file an error report to Microsoft the report comes back via their internet page that I indeed have an "Error Caused By Graphics Device Driver". Under technical information it has;Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER(Q293078). Whatever that means.Sorry for such a long post and thanks to all (you know who) who tried to help me out to this point.Sincerely,Jeff aka MrMertz
  12. ...somehow,somewheres I noticed I now have two .cfg files when usingnotebook to open MS9. The one .cfg file has "Text" after it. I think I can trash the ".cfg Text" file in order to prevent MSFS conflicts. Can I trash the "text" file? Should only be one .cfg if I remember.Also, thanks Allcot for your earlier post to my question. I indeed DID have one entry for the old card and one entry for the new card within the same .cfg file.Jeff aka MrMertz and "thank you" in advance!
  13. Halp!Installed my new GeForce 5700 with latest drivers and even though it shows under the "hardware" section in the "settings" area within MSFS2004, it does NOT show in the FS9.cfg file. It still shows my old card and I'm afraid that that's all it is recognizing so far as capabilities go.I don't notice any real improvements in frame rate at all, if any. Has anybody else experienced this? Is there a way to get it to show within the .cfg, or is it neccesary at all? I tried the little trick mentioned on the forum of substituting something like "drivers Win/XP" or some such thing, only to have the sim stutter and crash.Thanks people once again!Jeff aka MrMertz
  14. Thanks David...I did a search and no luck. I tried going the route as the READ ME FIRST has it...no luck. I'm using WindowsXP Home Edition. It's like it's, well, gone! I can nav through to Application DataMicrosoft but then there is no FS9 listed to go into. When I use notepad and go directly into FS9 folder and choose to show all types of folders, again no FS9.cfg.Maybe I'll try what you suggest but then would FS9 run WITHOUT the .cfg file??? I wouldn't think so.Jeff aka MrMertz
  15. Greetings! (again)...I open fs9 with notepad, use the pull down menu to open "all files" type and run searches...no fs9.cfg??I looked inside the Config folder...nope. I see fs9 with no cfg. listing after name. Open it and it looks like reams and reams of code. Certainly not what I was used to when playing with the fs2002.cfg file.It HAS to be somewhere. I see scenery.cfg, I see display.cfg, devices.cfg, I see Johny and Margeret and Phillip and...So just where the heck is it? (Ooooo...no, no. I know what you're thinking!)Thanks from "The Land of the Brain Dead".Jeff aka MrMertz
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