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  1. It was like this in the alpha/beta and one of the things I thought for sure would be fixed in the release version.
  2. JMR

    Peter Sidoli

    >Maybe I will post some pictures?>Yes! :)
  3. Ahh no need to record another. Looks like I'll have to dump MyTraffic X because anything above 30% traffic at big airports brings my PC to it's knees in FSX. And my system specs are about yours with the exception of my processor being over clocked.
  4. >>This is the thing that gets me! It's the Generalization>statements, that just aren't true! Check out my videos on>youtube (Especially the ones with the CS-757, and LDS767) and>then come back and tell me it's impossible to fly complex>aircraft into busy airports with weather, and 100% traffic in>FSX.>>http://youtube.com/user/tf51d >I'm a bit skeptical here. What AI package are you using? I noticed you're using the CS 757 with a merged LDS 767 panel. Are you getting the full functionality of that panel with the CS 757 model? Would you mind posting a video of the LDS 767 with no modifications under the same conditions as your CS 757 videos? Are you using any video editing software to alter the playback speed of your videos?
  5. What I have to say has already been said by others, I'm very disappointed to hear this is going to be an FSX only release and I hope the team reconsiders their decision.
  6. >i recently upgraded my E6600 to an E6850 and just flew a CYVR>- CYYC flight on a FSX 737 using ATC.>>My system on the E6600 I could only get stable at 3.2 ghz, the>e6850 i have now at 4 GHz.>That's what I'm currently running with the same overclock speed. With your new chip at 4Ghz, was there a noticeable performance increase in FSX? I'm sitting here with my finger on the trigger but if the gains are negligible then I think I'll pass.
  7. There's some videos on YouTube showing off TripleHead2Go and I have to say it looks very impressive. It's like finally having peripheral vision when playing games whether they be flightsims or shooters plus it seems like a cost effective solution for flightsim immersion without spending thousands of dollars building a home pit.
  8. Wow it still has OOM errors? I bought the FS9 version last year and while I loved the plane itself I couldn't complete most long range flights because of OOM errors. I got so frustrated I returned it to Flight1 for a refund. First time I ever used their generous return policy. Such a shame as it is an outstanding plane.
  9. I remember out here in California in the early 90's a small private jet carrying In-N'-Out executives were killed when their plane encountered wake turbulence from a 757 while on approach to John Wayne Airport. Very nasty stuff. You can see some wake turbulence videos over at YouTube.Here's one
  10. http://www.groundspeedrecords.com/That's a pretty cool site with snapshots from various planes showing their GS. There's one shot of a 747-400 with a 731 knot GS!
  11. Normally I cringe at most homemade sim videos but this was awesome. The editing, shots, and pacing were spot on. I bet this person does this sort of thing professionally.
  12. ^^^^Hahaha so true! Can't wait for the first A380 amateur vids to hit the net. LOL did I say that?
  13. JMR

    Funny Pic

    Hah that's a keeper!
  14. I just got this video as well and my god what a sexy plane . . . and a cute sales manager :}
  15. Wow I wasn't aware they were porting over the DF727 to FSX. I thought all their resources were wrapped up in the DC8.
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