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  1. I'm too very impressed by the enhancements FSX offers. It's going to be a great platform! And as soon as Flight1s FE / GE and PMDGs 737 are FSX-ready, I'll say goodbye to FS9.What makes me wonder is, will there be an enhanced autoadjustment feature in FSX which helps to keep the target-framerate? I think I've read about something similar in one of the dev-blogs but I'm not sure.I saw this feature in X-Plane where several adjustments (e.g. visibility radius) are automatically reduced to keep the desired framerate. That would be like flying at cruisealtitude with fully eyecandy, fully ai, fully everything and as soon as you turn into final of an big airport with dozens of ai-planes and very dense scenery (and probably an FPS drop) the systems autoreduces certain things like amout of on-ground ai, overall visibility (you don't need to see 150 miles around the airport while in final) and so on. This would be so cool! But nevertheless - I'm happy the grap my FSX-copy as soon as it arrives in Germany ;-)Cheers Volker
  2. another observation: the scenery seems to cast shadows even onto the surface of the parked airplanes:http://i.i.com.com/cnet.g2/images/2006/211...1_screen008.jpgnice!!bye volker
  3. Hi,just found this screens on another flightsim-website:http://www.simflight.com/modules.php?name=...rticle&sid=7675Hard to see any repeating textures @ all. great ;-)Bye Volker
  4. hey,two new localized german fsx-shots can be found here:http://www.chip.de/bildergalerie/c_bilderg...178.html?show=1pictures no. 2 & 3 in the gallery, the rest is well known.bye volker___
  5. looks great but the trees seem to be much too big compared to the cars and houses...?!volker
  6. I guess this is the article that Bill had in mind:http://blogs.msdn.com/tdragger/articles/490739.aspx___
  7. while enjoying all this screenshots I found some new ones here:http://fsinsider.com/screenshots/default.htmbye volker___
  8. Hi,just came across this article on the fsinsider.com website:http://fsinsider.com/articles/FSBoeing777-200LRChallenge.htmBecause I didn't found any information about that challenge here @ avsim I thought u might be interested ;-)Bye Volker
  9. Great! Thanx very much for this info Shep. Works like a charm with my X800SE (WinXP). All others: see this after & before picture and take a look at the difference at the horizon too. Overall appearance is much smoother.Bye Volker
  10. Hi all,just found a set of brandnew MD11 Screenshots in the german Vatsimforum and thought you might be interested ;-)This is the thread (in german language): http://forum.vacc-sag.org/viewtopic.php?t=8518And this is the direktlink to the zipfile with the pictures in it:http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a0104908/AA1..._PMDG_MD-11.zipBye!Volker
  11. Hi!found this "older" topic while searching for my problem which is similar.I got a Dell P3.2 with the ATI Radeon X800SE installed.The problem came up with the FS update to 9.1 and Radeon drivers higher than CAT 4.8.The texture filtering does not work anymore (-> all textures of aircrafts and ground/scenery).The only solution seems to be using CAT 4.8 or not to use the FS 9.1 update. I decided to still use CAT 4.8.Any further suggestions to this strange behaviour?Thanks Volker
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