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  1. Leif,Super nice site! Even though I don't fly whirleybirds your site and concept is most appealing!Good luck with your VA! If you ever want to codeshare some helicopter flights, Glacier tours and charters in the NW of North America let me know!Jeff Stewart, Rainbird Virtual AirlinesDogcreek60 (at) Comcast.nethttp://www.dogcreek.allwebco.com/index2.html
  2. Prospective Captains,Please take a look at the progress "Rainbird Virtual Airlines" has made in our first month in operation! We are small but mighty! (Our collective attitude about VA flying of course!)We welcome pilots from all points of the globe and hope for a skill level diversity in our pilots. The current Captains of Rainbird cordially extend an invitation to visit our site and ask questions.In a nutshell, we fly to to the "Northwest of North America" and serve the lesser known communities and airports that provide both a navigational and piloting skills challenge.Please take a moment and give our site and pilot forum a look! We thank you for your time and hope you find our unique VAFS2 powered VA a possiblilty for your future career!As our Captains like to say, "Rainbird is different kind of bird."Our site address is: http://www.dogcreek.allwebco.com/index2.htmlRespectfully, Jeff Stewart, Questions? Dogcreek60 (at) Comcast.net
  3. Captains,If challenging weather, short runways, mountain terrain and flying in some of the finest, most beautiful areas on earth appeals to you....Then please check out "Rainbird Airlines."This is not a new VA but an expansion on my four year long quest to bring excitement and challenge to pilots the world over. We are long on adventure and short on bureaucracy. All pilots join as Captains and we take 100% transfer hours. New to VA's? No problem...come live and learn with Rainbird!Another exciting factor is that we use VA Financials as our administrative base. It is an easy to use flight reporting client with many features that large, well established VA's use. We are a proud VAFS VA! (thank you Mike!)We require no special scenery and use a mix of freeware and payware aircraft alike. There should be something here that appeals to all pilots... Please take a moment and check us out. Questions? Please ask... We also will have an extensive codeshare with TexAir VA... From "Mexico to Point Barrow"...sound good doesn't it? Wanting to really enjoy your Alaska-Canada mesh? Your Tongass, GB2 or Misty Fjords add-ons? Not quite sure how a 737 fits in this rough bush country?.. Thinking about a white knuckle snowy approach down the valley from Carcross to the Whitehorse ILS? Well, what are you waiting for? Go take a look! Our official opening days is July 1st but feel free to join now if you like adventure and challenge!http://www.dogcreek.allwebco.com/index2.htmlFrom our Turbine Beavers, Dash 8's, all the way to the mighty Combi-73G...Rainbird is there!! Hope to see you soon! Jeff Stewart RBD001
  4. Hi Darryl,Please take a look at your email... Thanks, Jeff Stewart
  5. Lou,You got it!!! Thank you so much!! This will save me hours and I also learned something... "Just cause it says "sky" doesn't mean it is!!Thanks again!! Jeff Stewart
  6. Hi Everyone,A question for the scenery gurus among the group...Take a look at these autogen "building" objects below... These particular atrocities show up at nearly every small airport I have. I have the sliders all the way up and don't want to compromise by lowering autogen. It is a shame since I have several add-ons like AEU that replace the autogen textures and make the quality of these pale in comparison. Unfortunately these weren't replaced by my texture addons and still exist. I spent several hours tonight going through texture folders to no avail..Generic, addon, Nawe etc....Can't seem to match them anywhere. :-(Does anyone know a tool or trick to locate the textures for these ultra sloppy MS objects.. I want to redraw them so they never appear like this again. New textures are needed indeed.. I prefer not to just build excludes as I like the quantity, just not the quality, I am getting..I already have all of the stock FS9 "custom" object libraries down and these are no where to be found..(bgl "call objects" courtesy of Arno and others) Any ideas appreciated... Thank you very much!! Jeff Stewart :-smile12
  7. Hi,My beloved B1900 has lost some of it's lights...namely beacon , strobe, and nav. Tried everything I could think of to get them to come back on.... No luckAny ideas? I already have my "hardware lights" set to "8"BTW. I downloaded and intalled the 1.1 update after trying to fix the lights and it hammered my FS9. Freezes up on loading FS9.... I restored to an earlier date and FS9 still wouldn't work.. Had to re-install..I think it was hung on a gauge issue or something to do with "bendix king radio.gau"...Anyone seen that?Thanks for any advice!!Jeff Stewart1.87 ghz 400fsb 1 gig matched ramATI 9200 8x agp with latest drivers2x160meg sata drivesNo overclocking
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