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  1. Hey Alex, Refresh the page, likely a cache issue.
  2. Steve, Paintkit has been released, see our Downloads > Paintkits section on our website. Happy Painting!
  3. Folks, Paintkit has been released, you can find them in our Downloads > Paintkits section on our website. Happy painting!
  4. Robert, The flames only visible at high power settings in low light conditions, just as on the real airplane. Cheers,
  5. Gents, We have been running experiments on our machine to try and reproduce this issue. We suspect that at frame rates lower than 21, the rendering of the beacon flash is occasionally out of phase with the screen update because it happens between render cycles and this causes it to appear to be missing. At higher frame rates, this problem is mitigated because the render cycles are faster than the period of time that the light is illuminated. Our experimentation has lead to this conclusion, we are interested in your observations to see if it supports what we are seeing. Thanks!
  6. I don't know where you got the impression that the 747-8 has a Ground Maneouvering Camera System, it does not have one installed nor is it even offered as an option, especially the real aircraft. The issue only affects the 777-300ER.
  7. Repainters clamoured for wheel textures where they could individually weather the hubs dirty without influencing certain wheel parts and the nose wheel. So if you painted your own livery, you will need to use the updated wheel textures (pmdg_747_gears.dds) that is in the texture.common folder in the -400 directory and drop it in your livery folder. If you downloaded another repaint, that repainter has to update their repaints with the new wheel texture in their repaints folder.
  8. Paul, Grab our NWA repaint from the OC, the one in the bare metal scheme, and open up the texture folder and observe what is in there to make it work. You'll notice I used a custom fresnel texture that is used for the fuselage to ramp up the reflective look at a wider viewpoint, that is the secret :-) The intensity of the reflection is controlled by the spec map, so open it and have a look what I did. The more white the alpha layer is, the more stronger and obvious the reflection is. The diffuse layer just controls the colour and intensity of the hotspot from the sunlight (darker the colour is the duller the metal looks, the brighter it is, the more glossy it looks). If you wanted a bluish tinge to the metal reflection, you would make the diffuse layer blue as an example. And LASTLY, you NEED to establish a metal texture effect on the livery textures in order to establish a base, then you use the spec maps and the fresnel map to ramp up the reflection of the environment on the aircraft surface. Have fun!
  9. No, thank you for being excited about our QOTSII. We all are as excited as you are because this is a product we are proud of. I will pass on your comments to our master painter, Pete Sterling. I helped with a few but he did most of the work! Again thank you for the kind comments, hope the QOTSII will give you many, many hours of enjoyment!
  10. This option is only available on RR powered 747s. There was an Airways Magazine article about the Qantas 5th engine ferry and the article mentioned that the option is not available on PW or GE engines due to reduced ground clearance because of the larger fan size over the RR. If a GE or PW engine needed to be replaced, it was either shipped with the core and fan disassembled on a freighter or an Antonov :-p
  11. If you mean the ground splashes, then that is intentional, the wingtip and nav lights are in a recessed housing. Grab a flash light if you have one laying around and let's do an experiment shall we? Ok stand up and shine it at the wall, keep it aimed at the wall, slowly move toward the ground and watch what happens on the ground as you get closer to the ground, you will see the light "fall off" appear to have a squared off or slightly rounded off edge from the light and fades away as you look down the length of the beam. This is what you are seeing on our model, they are recessed in a housing and whatever is behind the light is blocking the beam behind. I hope that's what your referring to? If that is not it, please point out in the image or describe in detail what is exactly wrong. Thanks
  12. Steve et al, Modifying folders at that level is just going to create more problems than it is worth. We have a different solution than you guys are attempting to do so leave it alone until further notice please. This will change in a future update. Stay tuned...
  13. That Prime Air livery looks really good on the 747-400F, very very nice work! Looks HOT...
  14. Is advanced animations turned on?
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