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  1. Try Here: Google translate helped !!!
  2. Stray

    A huge thank you PMDG!

    Yep, a big thanks from me too. 👍 Did almost the same as Jack ( different livery and airport ) with no issues at all. Win 10 Pro64, P3D 4.3, ran everything as admin, no overclocking.
  3. Stray

    Prepayment suggestion

    Bit too cold and wet here in Aus, it's mid Winter !! 🌧️🌩️
  4. 👍Thanks for today's updates, looking forward to the B744 update and then the B748 ✈️
  5. Stray

    The Great VH-OJM Retires

    Ditto, sad to see the B744's slowly disappearing from the QF fleet.
  6. Stray

    More PMDG products for X-Plane 11 NOW!

    Also needs to have a look at the pinned posts just above this one : And also this one:
  7. Stray

    For the PMDG 747 Freighter lovers

    As someone who works in the transport industry, there is nothing to coordinate with the straps, we put them wherever it is safe to do so without damaging the freight. They appeared to be in the most appropriate position with regards to the shape of the freight. When strapping freight down to secure it, you can NEVER have too many straps. The last thing you want is the freight shifting. Pesonally I would have had a few more straps in diferent directions to help stop any forward / aft movement, but I do not know how the supports etc were attached and maybe they were there to do that job?
  8. Stray

    [13JUL17] Quick update from us...

    Thanks to all the team for the tremendous effort to get these birds out the door so quick for those of us that took the plunge to P3D V4. They are now an absolute pleasure to "fly" ( and learn ) without the dreaded OOM's. As Alexander just posted, I can only imagine the hours put in and expletives emitted during the process !!
  9. Many Thanks Looking forward to this one as well. Download 70% done ( I live "downunder", slow internet ! ) EDIT: Installed perfectly and hand flew a departure out of FlyTampa YSSY with ORBX Aus and Global Base. Not the slightest hint of a stutter, let alone the usual OOM in FSX:SE
  10. Stray

    L3d v4

    Here you go:
  11. Just did a test departure out of KLAX with ORBX Global Base, Southern California and FSDT KLAX, and most of the sliders to the right. Got a minimum of about 30FPS and no stutters, until I quit the sim. FX:SE, I could not even taxi to the runway before the dreaded OOM with the sliders set to the left !! Great outcome from LM and PMDG. Many thanks to Robert and his team for the many sleepless nights they have had, much appreciated. Looking forward to doing some flights with the 744 and 777 now without any OOM's Again, thanks for everyone's effort in getting this bird ready so quick.
  12. Fantastic news ( but not for my bank account! ). Just woke up and found out we are finally getting a 64bit simulator, ( I live in West Australia ) goodbye FSX:SE and all your OOM's, and PMDG are going to be ready shortly after. ( even better ) Thanks for the news, Robert , and all the work you guys put into making our "hobby" so authentic.
  13. Stray

    Iron Maiden paint for 744v2 please

    Very cool, can't wait to see it for real !!
  14. Stray

    Thank you

    Couldn't have said it better myself!
  15. Similar thing happened to me this morning as well. After 14hours from OMDB to YPAD on short finals I lost all controls, warnings going off everywhere, but no annunciations and no respnse to any controls or throttles. Also could not turn off / disconnect autopilot. Ended up " landing " on some Adelaide houses! ( I already had the gear down )