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  1. Just had a pleasant little flight, Coupeville Nolf, with Flt3 on my win8pro64bit pc today.Then started challenge 'Hikers Misadventure; challenge ran fine, but my flying skills didn't. Running dgvoodoo2 v2.5 got Flt3 functioning and looking right good. Brought back such pleasant memories; Flt3 and the fellas here at Avsim. you all take care, jimb
  2. retired USAF jet engine tech.

  3. Flight Unlimited II, New, DVD, $12.95http://www.interactcd.com/cgi/PrintDetails...005037999003014
  4. Thank you for the tutorial. As an experiment, I applied your instructions to the stock Bravo. I wanted to see if it would fix the fsaa "lines in cockpit" and to see if the rec's were attributing to the the problem Lorenz was describing(mouse lag, mouse trails). I have also always had the mouse trail problem and the "lines" when running 4 to 6 fsaa and Flt3_DDFix.Applying the rec-fix has cleared up both problems on the bravo. I have tried it with the Flt3_DDFix.exe. In-flt: 1024x768.I have not applied this to any other aircraft.My desktop:WinXpPro Sp2Amd64 3700+ 2.4ghzDx9cATI Sapphire X1950Pro-512mb agpATT tool set to: 6aa, 16af, v-sync default off, refresh rate same as desktopDesktop: 1152x864x32JimB
  5. Hi Hans,Chris Lowe had repaired all the stock airplane cockpits that were showing lines when using anti aliasing; is that the same fix as you recommend? Also, Cockpit designer (v.2 + patch to v.4) is available at Gideons site: geocities dot com/alive dot geo/downloads dot html jimb
  6. I justed checked SoldOut and GoGamer: Wed, 20 Aug 2008. SoldOut shows Flight Unlimited 2 in-stockhttp://www.mastertronic.com/productSoldOut...roductLabelID=1GoGamer shows Flight Unlimited 95 in-stock(that's the Windows95 version).http://www.gogamer.com/PC-Gamer-Editors--C...4VVviewprod.htmJimB
  7. Date checked: 3 Mar 2008Flight Unlimited Win95 version at:http://www.gogamer.com/viewproduct.htm?pro...ategoryId=65187PC Gamer Editors' Choice: Flight Pack Platform: PC CDROMPublisher: SSIPackaging: Retail BoxAvailability: Ships within 24 hours Item #: 5589731 GoGamer Price$7.90http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185897.jpg
  8. She's a beaute Jon, :( Man I better pickup the pace on these textures.JimB
  9. I've been working on a top wing texture. The "bottom" that you suggest above would require a fella' to think in "mirror" image when he's texturing for the bottom wouldn't he?Here's a pre-lim.. http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185645.jpg
  10. OK, Looking forward to it. In case my email address has drifted:jbuff61173atatatmsn.com or fastmail.fmJimB
  11. Wow,Your fee-lyin' on that aren't you?"one texture for each wing, with top and bottom textures in the same place"Here are 2 mockups I did for a top wing texture. This what you mean? The wing is actually a left side 256 x 89 crop from a line drawing. I put them together on a 512x256 then sized down to 256x128. The 2nd ones a "stretched to fit" for 128 height and may allow for more detail in the texture."legs". Gottcha'.JimBhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185596.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185597.jpg
  12. Jimmy B's outrageous Dr1 list: :-shyWings:Top- TopTop- BottomMiddle- TopMiddle- BottomBottom- TopBottom- BottomAilerons and Elevators:Top LeftTop RightBottom LeftBottom RightStabs:Horizontal- Top and BottomVertical- Left and Right(The whole of this is the rudder on Dr1)Fuselage:Full length Top, Left, Right and BottomEngine Cowl unto itselfOuter Wing Braces can share their own.Inner Wing Braces can share their own.Gear Struts left and right can share.Wheels can shareLittle airfoil for wheels should have its ownWing Skids left and right can share.Tail skid its ownPilot- Is there a way to get more detail on him so he doesn't look like a brown wrinkled alien blob? A way to have a sitting head-torso-arms-legs?Import the cockpit for model file number 64 so theres a real "tub".JimB
  13. Thank you Jon,Whew, I had gotten to the point of adding the word "wack" to those texture names when I was adjusting the stripes. Each time it failed, I had this strong desire to wack my noggin against the monitor. Thank goodness; I can stop trying the stripes now and move on to a different design for those textures."The DR-1 should be fairly easy to export and re-edit. I could be tempted to add some wires..."As nice looking as our stock Dr1 is, I've learned its in need of texture re-mapping. Since I've started texturing on it and researching different historical paint schemes on the web, there are individudal parts I wish had their own textures. The wings(top,bottom), bottom fuselage(I haven't narrowed it down yet, but I think this gets it's coloring from the corners of the cowling, #45), and gear airfoil each need their own texture. The pilot could use some arms and "bump-outs" for nose and goggles. In-board braces, gear braces and the 3 skids I think share the same texture, #50. The outer wing struts I haven't looked into yet.It would be a mind bending project I imagine, and I suppose Flt3 couldn't handle that much detail anyway.Thank you again Jon,JimB
  14. Hi Folks,I've been trying to stripe the rear fuselage texture. When I do, the stripes mis-align where the left and right textures meet. I've tried to compensate by widening and narrowing both stripes, but each time I do, somehow the model "tweaks" the texture and makes the stripes mismatch again. This is on texture file numbers 35 and 36. Is there anything I can do to the texture to correct this, or is this being caused by the Flt3 3d model?JimBPS: Pardon the gun, gear, and pilot texture, I hadn't converted them yet. I was just getting the fuselage and wing texture corrected first.There is something unusual I've notice about the model with either the orig textures or new textures. When flying, I can see the ground right through the top center seam of the rear fuselage. Not part of these screen shots though.JimmyBhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185543.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/185544.jpg
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