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  1. I am still in shock since this morning when I received Navigraph email. A loyal customer since 2009. Had the 4 cycles per year subscription as I believe very little is change in the AIRAC data. When they went to a mandatory yearly subscription I thought about it and even though I knew Aerosoft offered a similar product I decided to be faithful to Navigraph and decided to stay with them. Never used the charts feature as 99% of my flights are IFR. I use Simbrief and Skyvector which both services are free and if I fly outside the US (very seldom) I can always find the approach charts for a specific airport online. In the near future I can see all my VATSIM flights having an addition to the remarks section: EXPIRED AIRAC.
  2. Awesome Andrew, thanks for such a quick turn around. 🙂
  3. Hello Andrew, Another things not working for me are the LSK keys, I was looking at the lua and I found some weird spelling on the MCDU MDCU, did try to play with some parameters but none worked for me. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Again, I know this is a beta so if I find something else I will keep posting. 😉 Edited: Ok, after further checking, I think it was just an error of spelling, this is the original line and after I changed it, now it is working. Let me show you the left MCDU LSK 6R key Original function AB_PED_MDCU_LSK_6R () ipc.writeLvar("AB_PED_MDCU_LSK_6R", 1) AB_PED_MCDU_CLICK () end Edited function AB_PED_MCDU1_LSK_6R () ipc.writeLvar("MCDU_LSK6R", 1) AB_PED_MCDU_CLICK () end Note: On the edited one, I changed the function name to reflect the MCDU1 instead of leaving it with no number, just for reference only. I will edit them tomorrow and post it here in case you just want to copy and paste to make it easy for you, I know you are working hard on this modules. Take care.
  4. Hello Andrew, thank you for the module and so fast as well. Updated to v0.5beta and found out a little problem with the HDG_PLUS AND PLUS_FAST Was able to find the problem. Here it is and its working for me now. If I find something else will let you know. Take care. The code fixed: function AB_HDG_plus () AB_hdgtrk = ipc.readLvar("AB_AP_HDGTRK") if AB_hdgtrk == 0 then LVarSet = "AB_AP_HDG_Select" else LVarSet = "AB_AP_TRK_set" end LVarGet = round(ipc.readLvar(LVarSet)) AddVar = LVarGet + 1 if AddVar > 359 then AddVar = 0 end DspHDG(AddVar) ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, AddVar) end function AB_HDG_plusfast () AB_hdgtrk = ipc.readLvar("AB_AP_HDGTRK") if AB_hdgtrk == 0 then LVarSet = "AB_AP_HDG_Select" else LVarSet = "AB_AP_TRK_set" end LVarGet = round(ipc.readLvar(LVarSet)) AddVar = LVarGet + 10 if AddVar > 359 then AddVar = AddVar - 359 end DspHDG(AddVar) ipc.writeLvar(LVarSet, AddVar) end
  5. Thanks for the advise Marc, have been using CCleaner for more than 10 years and never have encountered a problem with addons or removing programs but I guess you have had bad experience with it and hence I'll be more careful. 😉
  6. Hey Dan thank you for opening up my curiosity with that version thing. After further checking I decided to remove the AS and downloaded the latest full version, after installing it CCLeaner will show this time 1.0.6641.21513, however, after installing the latest version which is 6752 CCleaner still shows 6641, I think if you don't remove the program completely it will show the original version installed w/o the updates. For some reason now the radar is working again, maybe a bad file on the directory or something? I have no clue but finally I have it working again. Disregard this post PMDG. 🙂
  7. When I troubleshoot first thing I do is to make sure I have all the latest version of the software. I do have the latest version for AS which is 6752, for some reason CCleaner is showing that internal version but it is the latest version.
  8. Hello PMDG, been having an issue with the wx radar for the 737NGX since updating to P3Dv4.2, now updated P3Dv4.3. For some reason the wx radar stopped working, I have search and don't think too many people are having this issue except a few and the answer is always the same that you have to make sure there is precipitation in order for the wx radar to display returns. I do understand that and for some reason that is no the issue. Yesterday I did a fly from CLT to ATL and it was heavy rain and nothing will show up. I am using AS2016 for P3D and yesterday installed the gauge just to make sure precipitation is being display in the AS gauge and it was. Today I decided to search for bad weather and found it at Bradley International Airport BDL. I put my PMDG in the active runway with AS active and it was pouring. Nothing on the 737 radar. I checked the AS gauge and it was showing heavy precipitation as expected. I then quit P3D and started a new session, this time I loaded the PMDG777 and the radar was showing the return. (Same location except 3-5 minutes later.) Attached are some pictures of the AS gauge, PMDG738 Radar (empty) and then the PMDG777 radar with the precipitation return. Not sure if I need to do a repair, uninstall and then reinstall again but trying to see if I can solve the problem without having to go through that route as it may cause more problems. If you need any other information from me, please do let me know. Below are the versions I am using. P3DV4.3 PMDG737-8900 1.20.8465 PMDG777-200LRF 1.10.8448 AS for P3Dv4 1.0.6517.34864 Thank you for your help. Links of images (was trying to insert image from url but it was not working). AS gauge - https://www.dropbox.com/s/sifes0iulwiyyzp/1.JPG?dl=0 PMDG737 radar - https://www.dropbox.com/s/6y40bn4ft1wbsvu/2.JPG?dl=0 PMDG777 radar - https://www.dropbox.com/s/0tu8wjg09wf3ee3/3.JPG?dl=0
  9. Good option DJ, I didn't realize the latest PTA wouldn't work with the new update and did the update. We are spoiled with PTA. P3D looks awful without it. Will not use it until the new update is available. I'm sure Matt will deliver very soon. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
  10. Hello everyone, been having so much fun with LINDA that I wish I had more time and neurons left to learn all about LUA but it can get complicated. One quickie, can the LANDING GEAR alarm be implemented to be added to a button? It is a pain every time you go below the warning parameter to go and look down the throttle quadrant to stop the warning. Thanks. :) Jay
  11. Was anyone able to do something with LINDA and the B1900? At least if Carenado provide the Offset Mapping for all the instrument switches that would be a start, or did I miss something?
  12. jotafl

    777 GSX Doors

    Awesome, thanks for the reply Guenter, now that I am back from my trip I can start fiddling with the backup file. Jay 🙂
  13. Hello Guenter, Been enjoying LINDA big times. QQ on the doors. I noticed that the PMDG-777 when using GSX open doors L1/L2/L4 and the cargo doors. However, when loading/unloading passengers, GSX uses L2 / L4 as the main default door(s). I went to the actions.lua and made a copy and then changed the settings to eliminate L1 completely from the automation. Is that the way to do it or can I add that statement to my user.lua and it will override the one in the actions.lua or what do you suggest? Take care and thanks again for such a great professional utility and the great support you provide.
  14. Wow, wasn't expecting it so quick, thanks Guenter. you are the best. :)
  15. Awesome Guenter, thanks for the quick reply, if I find anything else will let you know, but so far nothing more. :)
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