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  1. I have seen in lots of VAs things like:1. A fleet of a certain quantity of specific aircrafts, with N-numbers, age, etc. My question: is there some rule VAs adhere in offering their planes, or is it totally occasional ? Why do some companies make x planes available ? Why note 2x or 3x? Is there any limitation against several pilots flying an infinite numbers od flights with the very same aircraft at the same moment ?2. A company says that part of fleet is theirs (patrimony) whilst other is leased. In resume: can anyone say where I can find material for orientation about rules governing virtual airlines, in case they exist any how ?Thanks in advance.
  2. Why the FSX uninstalling lasts almost forever ?I got a message of very low disk space and decided uninstall the fsx until I provide a bigger HD.The uninstalling process seems very like the install process (lots of files access...). Suddenly an error was reported in msi.dll and a roll back ocurred. Lots of time lost. Why ??
  3. I'm not sure I understood well.Is it like a lock for making the view change permanent ?Shift and holding = temporary.Shift not holding (i.e. releasing the shift before the other keys) = permanent.Is that ?
  4. anybody can explain what means the caret symbol in several commands definition (option - settings - controls - buttons ...) ?see events Look Reset ?
  5. anyone using autopilot and autohover for landings at oil rigs and buildings roof ?I am having difficulties in hovering over elevated helipads because the autohover uses radar altimeter. It would be better if they could use de barometric altitude.Jose.
  6. Unfortunately, it did not work. But any way, thank you very much.Jose
  7. My fs9 is starting up with the virtual cockpit, instead of main panel. How can I reset the original condition ? I tried deleting the fs9.cfg with no success. Is fact, it shows the panel very quickly and passes to virtual cockpit.Someone can help me ?Jose
  8. What is wrong ?<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>I made a model of a simple building in GMax, following tutorial, and exported as scenery model. Got two files (.xml and .mdl). The .xml is listed above. I removed the comment header and trailler and compiled with bglcomp.exe. Put the .bgl in AddOnScenery, added to library, etc, but the building does not arise in scenery. Anybody sees something wrong ?Jose
  9. The BGL option did not arise. How can I convert the MDL to BGL ? The MDLtoBGL seems do be not applicable for FS2004 and scenery model.Jose.
  10. Please see File Library, category Utilities, file runways.mdb. I would like to hear opinions, comments and suggestions. Thanks.Jose.
  11. The application is already available at File Library, section Utilities, as Randomizer.
  12. The app uses a mdb file (airports database) 1.8Mb, too big for attachments in this forum. Any idea on how to overcome this difficulty ?Jose
  13. I developed an application in VB/Access with the following characteristics:1. Clicking a button make a random search at the airports database of FS9, according to none to all of following criteria:a) range of lengths, widths and/or elevations of runway;:( city, state or country of origin and destiny;c) surface type, runway lights.2. At the same time a random search is carried out at the aircrafts and a type is suggested (disregarding runway limitations).3. Another random search at flights folder shows an adventure suggestion. Once a flight is being suggested, a command button calls the flight directly, even in case FS9 is not running.The application runs outside the FS, does not require installing (just a shortcut to the .exe file anywhere), but requires vb dlls and msaccess.If someone is interested, please let me know. It is free.Joseja@prudentes.com.br
  14. Can anyone show me an example of using the ON_CRASH and ON_STALL events in a abl script ?Thanks.Jose
  15. Regarding to my post #267216 on Aug-04 in this forum I failed in getting all scenery files, and the search resulted no worthy. I revised it now and got an even shorter runway: Potts Field, Winsconsin, 0WN5, 150feet (it must be wrong !). More than 20 airstrips shorter than 500ft could be finded as well.The zipped file with the database is now 443KB, so It cannot be attached here. If you are interested, pls ask me to send by email.Jose.
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