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  1. See page 147 of the PMDG_747_Introduction.pdf
  2. Same here. Tried an exclude in ADE to no avail. Signs still there in P3Dv5. P3Dv4.5 looks good thou.
  3. @Quasimodo Just curious. Is it a VCRUNTIME140.dll error?
  4. @Nemo CTD 5.21 north of S43. VCRUNTIME140.dll error. Is this the same error everyone else is getting?
  5. @Nemo Heading to Paine Field out of Orbx 0S9 Johnson County now will continue to S43.
  6. Flew out of Orbx KTIW over default KSEA, KBFI, Seahawk Stadium. CTD 6 miles south of Orbx 0S9. Error log reported as VCRUNTIME140.dll. Maxed at 5.6/6.7GB VRAM. Going to load up at 0S9 without weather (ASPD) and what happens.
  7. A2A had a C172 update a couple days ago 20.05.11 regarding windsheild.dll causing CTD's. Run the A2A 172 updater app. Going to try flying in the Orbx PNW, Narrows, Seattle area now and test. This is my first flight in this area BTW.
  8. Remember you have 14 days after purchase to get a refund. I did.
  9. Was somewhat reluctant to purchase. Just requested a refund. Will keep v4 installed.
  10. That's a shame because now Eagle Creek Reservoir at KEYE is now missing. How does LM explain this? It's been there since FS 5.0. P3Dv5 P3Dv4
  11. I guess I'm a FOOL 'cus I don't plan on upgrading hardware, system, addons, etc. After 30+ years I've been there, done that with every sim that @domkle mentioned above. I'm perfectly content where I'm at. And I do have a life outside of simming.
  12. That would be the Traffic Zapper. I assign it to the delete key.
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