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  1. Live Streaming of "every inch" of Earth Coming Soon

    I didn't realize illegal fishing was that serious of a problem. They make it sound like it'll be something wonderful, that is until governments get full control of it. I have a feeling we already have this capability. It's just that the public doesn't have access to it.
  2. Airliner Promo Films

    Feeling nostalgic? Was watching some ZZ Top videos and this link caught my eye: United Douglas DC-8 - "Chicago to Los Angeles" - 1963. Back when traveling by air was fun and passengers dressed up. My first trip was Weir Cook Airport - Indy to St. Petersburg, FL 1967 Eastern 727 Whisperjet. What more fun could an 8 year old have? Believe it or not I still have the "Sorry... this seat is occupied" card. United Douglas DC-8 - "Chicago to Los Angeles" - 1963 More Airliner Promo Films
  3. RealAir Duke

    Hi Noah, Find in folder: \Turbine Duke V2 P3D4\RealAir\duketv2p3d2\AutoPlay\Files. Open Config.ini with notepad. At the bottom there is a [Radios] section. Add 750 where it is highlighted. [Radios] gps1.X=10 gps1.Y=1 gps2.X=0 gps2.Y=7 nc1.X=0 nc1.Y=8 nc2.X=20 nc2.Y=3 adf.X=20 adf.Y=4 ap.X=10 ap.Y=2 audio.X=0 audio.Y=6 xpndr.X=20 xpndr.Y=5 gps1.type=750 gps2.type=NoGps ncShow=0 xpndrShow=1 Close and save the file. Open the Duke configurator and the 750 option should be there. While in the configurator go down to where it says NAV/COM and click on Show or Hide (your choice). At lower right corner of configurator hit save and then exit. Load up sim and the Duke. The panel will have the position for the GTN750. Click on top menu -- add-ons -- Reality XP GTN -- setup aircraft. This will open up the RXP gauge assistant. More information explained on page 4 of the Reality XP GTN User's Manual (FltSim).pdf in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GTN Simulation\FltSim. Step by step. Make selections to match images below.
  4. What Carenado planes are you looking to include the GTN? If it comes with an F1 GTN installer it will accept the RXP GTN.
  5. Aerosoft Lukla airport scenery issues

    Are you using the latest version of Lukla? (Lukla X) Compatible for all versions of P3D. Also, have two scenery entries? LC entry below as in image.
  6. FSDT Update Error

    Just ran the update. No problem.
  7. Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Do cargo doors open for GSX?
  8. Missing buttons in GTN750

    You're looking in the wrong manual. Find Reality XP GTN User's Manual (FltSim).pdf in folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Reality XP\GTN Simulation\FltSim
  9. Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 released!

    Wow, I haven't heard that name in years since his Dreamfleet 727. If this DC-8 has his approval then I'm buying.
  10. FSDT add-on manager

    Whenever I get this I restart Couatl from the Couatl pull down menu then request pushback.
  11. GSX and SODE

    Hey Dan, Thanks for that tip! I'm currently adding SODE jetways to my home airport using the PMDG 737 as the test aircraft and of course the Tab+S wasn't working. Also, I was wondering if SODE jetways worked with AI like the default jetways did. Well... lo and behold there is the setting in the SimObjectDeisplayEngine.ini file and now they work. The setting is there I assume is for performance issues. [General] WatchdogEnable=False SecondaryTextMenuHotkey=Shift+j DebugMode=False SoundEngineDisable=False [JetwaySystem] JetwaySoundEnable=True ForceHorizontalJetwayForRotation=True [AISystem] DetectionEnable=True JetwaySoundEnable=False
  12. P3D V4 Airport gate

    The manual can be downloaded here.
  13. LM Moving to XPLANE

    That aircraft will release with P3DvX.
  14. FSDT Frustrations

    @virtuali Thank you Umberto, I did away with the sim.cfg read only attributes and ran the live update. The airline code entries in the GSX customization were already entered without any input from me but the default liveries were still loading. So what I did was reenter the codes and hit apply and now the correct liveries will load. GSX is now working as intended.