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  1. Hi Nighthawk, I see you're a new member. Welcome to Avsim. I thought I'd offer you a tip when posting a long post. Hit the spoiler button above that looks like an eye a new window will open and you can add (paste) long text or images. Clicking on the spoiler Reveal Hidden Content will reveal content of post.
  2. Bills511

    Airport Design Editor

    +1 Where would we be if not for ADE?
  3. Bills511

    SODE 1.6.3 update, reinstall scenerys?

    My T2G & DD sceneries still show.
  4. Hi Jean-Luc Windows Defender gave me a couple false positives last week. Can't recall which GNS file it was. But it quarantined it against my instructions. For the time being it's working now.
  5. Bills511

    unable to import flight plan

    This is the location of the flight plans: C:\ProgramData\Garmin\GNS Trainer Data\GNS\FPL You must create the FPL folder. Place your .fpl files in there.
  6. I don't believe RXP GTN offers crossfill as of yet. Only loading same flight plan in 2 units.
  7. Bills511

    SODE Jetways for UTL traffic

    C:\Program Files (x86)\12bPilot\SODE
  8. Bills511

    Why this rush for v5? V4 is still amazing

    I'm looking forward to P3Dv10... P3DVX.😁
  9. Bills511

    SODE Jetways for UTL traffic

    I have it working with UTL. Do you have enable AI traffic detection on in the SODE platform manager?
  10. Bills511

    How to change coordinates of a waypoint

    @Paul12 Once you create your waypoint name hit enter then use the right outer knob to change fields then right inner knob to change letters, numbers. Each time you change a field you must hit enter then the next field will highlight.
  11. Bills511

    Cargo vs Pax

    Make sure to input the airline parking codes. For example; United atc_parking_codes=UAL atc_parking_types=GATE Cargolux atc_parking_codes=CLX atc_parking_types=CARGO
  12. Bills511

    Help selecting Airlines on ADE and GSX

    Those are your regional jets. Canadairs, Embraers etc.
  13. Bills511

    P3D V4.2 ai_player.dll taxi speed offset

    AITTP 1.3
  14. Bills511

    Quick question about maps

    Little Navmap the best IMO and it's free.
  15. Haa! Walkers!... where's my crossbow? Anyway looks awesome.