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  1. Delete Prepar3D.cfg in ...AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v... Let sim build new one. Sometimes this works.
  2. They took away our rain reflections so we could have raindrops on our windshield.
  3. According to ADE it's there. You might be missing a file. In scenery\0302\scenery\APX26170.BGL http:// http://
  4. Just like an ILS approach without the frequencies. Which is handy as some runways lack an ILS.
  5. Harold Finch did. Starts at 2:02.
  6. I'm using UTLive. Not sure if it's different in any way. Mine starts at [Entry.0] Here's what my entries look like. [Entry.0] Title=Default Airplanes Path=SimObjects\Airplanes Required=True Active=True
  7. How cool! Tested both features with great success. Even the visual approach captured the GS! http://
  8. Thanks Frank, The C185F is one of my favorite bush planes. Was glad to see it updated, so I just had to stick a 430 in there. Had to shrink it a little in the vc or the bezel would bend around the curved corners. But like you said its there and functional and I'm happy.
  9. Recently updated for P3Dv4. See in the Official panel configuration thread. http://
  10. Carenado 185F updated for P3Dv4. This AC uses a GPSMAP 295. Swapped out for the GNS 430. Doesn't look too bad but it works. Replace popup and VC gauge. Click spot for opening the VC gauge is on the windshield behind the suction cup. For popup it is the gauge screen. It is necessary to use the 430 bezel in this case. The 295 buttons disappear when using No_Bezel. http:// ************************************** [Vcockpit04] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=512,512 visible=0 pixel_size=1024,1024 texture=$Panel_C185_4 gauge00=rxpGNS2!GNS_430_1, 17,77,432,301 New numbers in red. gauge01=C185!Toggle_GPS, 46,138,294,211 http://
  11. Make sure to have for example; gauge00=rxpGNS2!GNS_530_1, 0, 0,256,187 gauge01=rxpGNS2!GNS_430_2, 0,185,168,73. They have to be unit 1 & 2. Unit 1 would be master device. 2 not master device.
  12. works with Navigraph.
  13. This might be what you're looking for. Also
  14. A2A Simulations. C172 Trainer, C182 Skylane, Cherokee 180, Comanche 250.