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  1. Not tooooo soon, I'm still enjoying the GNS. How about the G600/500? That's the one I'm looking forward to.
  2. I have some of those too. Had to disable some manually in vector.
  3. Does it look like this?
  4. It appears to me P3D may be the culprit. I tested with the Maule. On the flight page of the logbook there is a scrollable box that does NOT show single engine time. Just multi, inst., night etc. All pages are this way. I just posted this over at the LM forum.
  5. Hi Dan, I'll check this out later this evening when I get a chance and let you know. Thanks
  6. Speaking of LogEdit3 I noticed that none of my single engine flights are being recorded as such. All are logged as multi engine. No big deal just curious if anyone else is having the same issue.
  7. I don't use it.
  8. My 1606 database doesn't include those. The database that comes with the units Oct. 09 does have them. What database cycle are you using?
  9. What airports are you looking for? So I can check.
  10. This is the latest version of RXP GNS v2. G530SIM.exe in your report is the Garmin trainer not the RXP software. The RXP installer will ask to download and install the latest trainer which is ver. 3.30 not The correct trainer installer is: found in C:\ProgramData\Reality XP\Common\GnsTrainer BTW Do not check for update within the RXP installer. See the image below. From the Reality XP GNS v2 FltSim.pdf http://
  11. This thread should get you started.
  12. LOL did that in a Cessna. Tried to take off. Ended up hovering like a helicopter.
  13. If I read you correctly to access the facility info with the RXP unit (I have P3Dv4) you go to the NRST group, highlight facility and that will take you to the WPT group scroll through each subpage to get info. http:// Un-hightlight (Done?) then scroll through each subpage. http:// http:// http:// Keep scrolling down if necessary for more frequencies. http:// http:// The manual that comes with the installer IS the actual Garmin Pilot's Guide manual. You can download here.
  14. MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Requirements related to system performance To be determined MS Flight Simulator X (Initial Release) LM Prepar3D Version 4 (Planned AFTER the initial release) So if you're expecting it (v4) this summer it ain't happening.
  15. You have to create it. Name it GPS500Buttons.xml. It belongs in the panel folder (I believe). I did this for the Duke Turbine. Copy the following into the xml file: (Berts xml from above) <Gauge Name="GNS 530 buttons" Version="1.0"> <!-- Trigger GNS commands --> <Element> <Select> <Value> (L:530_RANGE_INC,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_ZOOMOUT_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_RANGE_INC,Bool) } (L:530_RANGE_DEC,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_ZOOMIN_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_RANGE_DEC,Bool) } (L:530_DTO,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_DIRECTTO_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_DTO,Bool) } (L:530_CDI,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_NEAREST_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_CDI,Bool) } (L:530_ENT,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_ENTER_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_ENT,Bool) } (L:530_CLR,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_CLEAR_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_CLR,Bool) } (L:530_MSG,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_MSG_BUTTON) 0 (>L:530_MSG,Bool) } (L:530_RKNOBI_L,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_PAGE_KNOB_DEC) 0 (>L:530_RKNOBI_L,Bool) } (L:530_RKNOBI_R,Bool) if{ 0 (>K:GPS_PAGE_KNOB_INC) 0 (>L:530_RKNOBI_R,Bool) } </Value> </Select> </Element> </Gauge> And as Bert said; And, in the ini file: ; uses Simulator GPS commands if true. UseSimGpsCmds = true