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  1. >>I'd love to have>>realistic winds first, which seems to be beyond their>>technical abilities.>>Very important points. We still don't have realistic>visibility not to mention winds, temperatures or pressures and>some want weather radar (!!!). At the moment we are stuck at>the kindergarten level as far as the weather rendering is>concerned. >>Michael J.Some issues like this was widely disscussed before on this forum. Issues like what can or cannot be done by PMDG team. I appreciate very much all the work that was done so far by PMDG team but... If they claim they cannot simulate something due to some FS9/FSX "limitations" it does not necessarily mean that it cannot be simulate at all. Some other developer can do the job. Nobody expect from PMDG products like ActiveSky or something. There are guys good with designing planes and guys good with designing other add-ons. However, in my humble opinion there should be some kind of cooperation between them, then one day we could see nice weather radar in 747 cockpit :-)I also remember one discussion when PMDG team claimed that they could not implement into their superb B747 dynamic wing flex during take-off roll due to some FS9 limitations. I believed in these limitations until the day I saw beautiful and smooth take-off roll wing flex implemented into B777 by Wilco (or maybe it was by PSS)... :-)Gregory Grzesiaczynsky
  2. >does that mean that the owners of the 747 fs9 version will>have to upgrade by then to get the %50 off?yes, you'r right!Gregory Grzesiaczynsky
  3. This is really excellent news! :-)Thank you PMDG!Gregory Zap
  4. hi again,please, just check a privat message i've sent you! :-)greetz,gregory
  5. hi alex!could you please send some flight plans to and from EDDF? if you ever flight here... :-)have you ever flown to poland or croatia with some cargo?thanks a lot!gregoryEDDF
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