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  1. Hi Bert! Would love to try the GTN750 in my 850. jpmouse@ix.netcom.com Thanks in advance. I appreciate your spirit of sharing your expertise JPMouse
  2. I use DX10 mode most of the time. Only when I am using an aircraft that will not show correctly in DX10 do I switch to non-DX10 mode
  3. I made a donation to AVSIM in early November and was checking to see if you received it when I noticed that your acknowledgements for November and December donations contains exactly the same names. Strange...is it possible tht something is awry with your system? Thought you would like to know.As I am a long time and frequent user of AVSIM I feel that it is my responsibility to support your great site efforts to serve the flightsim community, so I am not looking for your thanks but merely want to be sure that you received the donations that I make.Thanks and Happy New YearRodger C. Butlerjpmouse@ix.netcom.com
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