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  1. Hello Stefan After I installed AS16 and ASCA, I no longer have a nice dark sky. I now have constant twilight throughout the night, no matter the time. 8pm is the same as 3am. Maybe its something Ive missed, but I would like to have night back. Hopefully we can find a solution.
  2. Thanks for the suggestion Scobie. After several failed attempts, I am finally able to post on the wilco legacy forum!
  3. Hello all! Im looking for someone with Wilco Legacy and Vista experience. Here is my issue. After reading some positive posts on the Legacy, I visited wilcos website to check it out. I have vista ultimate 32 so I wanted to make sure that it was vista compatible. So I checked out the technical requirements and it says fs2004 or fsx and windows xp OR vista 32 bit.I then purchased the legacy and insatlled it. Works great until I want to exit fs2004 or change to another aircraft. Then I get the CTD that says ms2004 has encountered a problem and has stopped working. It says its due to legacy_GAU. I tried to join the Wilco forum but for some reason I am unable to sign in. I did read of similar issues with fsx and vista but not fs9 and vista. I then sent wilco support a email with my issue. Wilco responded and said they do not support fs9 products with vista, even know its says windows xp or vista. I have completed a few flights just fine with the legacy. It seems all systems work ok. Its justed annoying to have to restart fs9 to change aircraft and have to put up with the shutdown problem. I have pmdg 737, level d 767, and maddog 2006 all installed and running with no problems. Anyone have any advice on how to correct this problem?Thanks
  4. Mr. Floyd is correct. The mins selector is set to BARO for ILS CAT I and all Non-ILS approaches. The mins selector is set to RADIO for CAT II and CAT III approaches. Many 737 operators use HUD for approaches below CAT I mins. I know of one airline where the autopilot must be disengaged by 1000'AFL and mins selector set to 50ft for a HUDCAT III approach. The approach is hand flown. For airlines that dont use HUD, CAT II approaches can be autoland or autopilot used to DH then disconnected. Some airlines reccomend autoland for CAT II but its not required. And as John said, CAT IIIa without HUD must be an autoland. Fail Operational approach is an option for the B737ng. In this case, the aircraft is certified to CAT IIIb approaches with an Alert height of 100' agl. In this case, set the mins selector to 100'. Maybe the new PMDG 737 will have HUD or fail operational autopilot as options.A. Cole
  5. Ok, I verified that AA was not checked within fs9. Still onlyworks if I check enhance in game AA in Nhancer. I read the Nhancer manual about flagged games in their profiles thatwill not run correctly unless enhance in game AA is used.I guess thats the case with fs9 on my computer. Oh well,other than the AA, fs9 runs well on my machine.Thanks for the suggestion Stephen.Fosl
  6. Hello,I downloaded Nhancer. I deleted the fs9 profileand set the profile settings as suggested. My problemis when I start fs9, the airplane in the rotating createa flight screen is all white. Even the tires, pilot inside,just all white. When I select fly now, the sim loads andthe c172 panel is just a blank white screen. The scenery looksok but the plane and panel are white. I noticed this onlyhappens when I deselect =enhance in game aa= option in Nhancer.If I put a check in that box, all planes and panels are normalbut it appears there is no AA. I have searched for similarproblems but only found info on the black screen issue.Any one else seen this problem before?ThanksFoslI have vista ultimate 32, intel e6400, GeForce 7300LE, 2 gig.
  7. Also try this file, cfm56-7_series.zip by Devyn Silverstein.Has a great grrrr sound!Cole
  8. Thanks Mr. Downs for the explanation. Its not that big of dealbut is noticable. Also, I downloaded your procedures fromthe avsim library and simulated a few flights with them.Thanks for the great work!A. Cole
  9. Hello all,I have been enjoying the 737-6/7/8/900 for the last 5 months.Just last week I decided to update the FMC nav database,so I purchased some navigraph credits and updated to airac0707. I also updated sids/stars. Now I notice thatwhen I select a departure rwy on the route page orselect an approach procedure on the dep/arr page,the touchdown zone elevation along with the altitudereference line on the PFD altimeter scale is off by 50 or so feetat just about every airport Ive tried. I have made surethat the correct QNH is set. Also, the extended runway centerline is also off a few degrees. I assume this is becausethe fmc database has been updated but the fs9 databasehas not been, for example for changes in variation. I justwant to confirm this is an expected problem with updatedFMC vs fs9 and not something wrong with the program.Has anyone else seen this?ThanksA. Cole
  10. I had the same exact problem. I read on here or somewhere to run fs9 as an administrator and the liveries will show up. I did that and now I have all the liveries I downloaded. You need to right click on the fs9 icon, click on the security tab I think it was, click box that says run as an administrator. Worked for me!!Adam
  11. Mr. Downs, The problem occured on a simulated flight from KHRL to KSATand from KSAT to KDAL. I tried the same exact flights tonighton the same routes and altitudes and it worked! Also, I should have mentioned on the first post, I wasable to enter descent winds and it also excepted thewind entry on the perf init page during preflight. The routedata page was where I was having problems. Thanks for your reply,Adam
  12. Hello,I have been using pmdg 737 6/7/8/900 for a month now. For themost part, I have not had any problems. But now, for whateverreason, Im unable to enter winds on the Route Data Page.I have had no problems in the past, but now I get an"invalid entry" cdu messege when I attempt to enter winds.Any ideas??ThanksAdam
  13. Hello,I have noticed that there is a problem with the cabin altitudeindication and the pressure differential indicator.While at FL360, the cabin altitude is around 14,000ft andthe diff press is around 4psi. Both packs are in auto, bothengine bleeds are on. Duct pressure is also normal.Cabin altitude should never exceed 8000 if everything is workingcorrectly. Also, the diff press should be higher. And nocabin altitude warning horn even though the cabin alt showswell above 10,000ft. If I go to manual pressurization,I can move the outflow valve from full open to full closedwith no movement of either the cabin alt or press diff needles.I have this with the 600/700 and 800/900. Does anybody knowif there is a way to fix this?Thanks,Adam
  14. fosl

    737 updates

    Thankyou all for your replies. I downloaded the model updateand noticed a much improved VC overhead panel on the 737-700.Adam
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