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  1. In pictures I've been able to find after a quick google search, I've been seeing the AoA critical mark at 15.
  2. I was running an older i7 system with a 2080, and was able to get 20-30fps on high end settings. Computer kicked the bucket so I got a new system with a 5900x and a 3080. Obviously it’s a massive upgrade across the board from my old system, but I am blown away by the performance (solid 60+ FPS on ultra settings). So far, very happy with the 5900x and 3080 combo.
  3. Down again. Incredible. It is a balmy 20 degrees C in northern Canada.
  4. LiveWeather working for me as well. Fingers crossed it stays up...
  5. JF posted on their forum yesterday that their support staff was around and would upload the update as soon as they had it. No idea what’s going on there. Regardless, I’m enjoying the Kodiak sans-update.
  6. It looks incredible. I went from a 32” 1080p 60hz to a 32” 1440p 165hz. Blown away at what I was “missing” with the old monitor.
  7. I’ve been happy so far with MSFS payware. As much as it pains me, I have the Carenado M20, C170, and PA44…and they have provided me with some of my most enjoyable flights ever in my 30 years of flight sim. I know - no need to tell me. I am part of the problem. I hate that they’ve been so slow on getting an update out post-SU5. But when they do work…it is so much fun.
  8. Yup - avoid Carenado at all costs currently. They have yet to update their aircraft for SU5 and are broken.
  9. Ditto. Can’t update it. Other items I have that needed updating worked fine. Only the CRJ is stuck in a loop.
  10. SU5 destroyed VR for me. Noticeable improvement in 2D, significantly worse performance in VR on the RiftS. I’ve had to dial down my settings quite a bit to make it barely playable in VR.
  11. I flew a light sport in 15-18 knot crosswinds often. Absolutely no issue on the ground - I recently turned on the assistance and found it much more “realistic” feeling. Can’t stand the fight with the rudder pedals in the sim.
  12. That was it - my anisotropic filtering setting was reset to a lower value with the update.
  13. I noticed the same issue yesterday on my first flight since updating. Going to have to check my settings to see if anything reverted down to a lower value.
  14. I’m using FSUIPC to avoid the 10 degree/1000ft increment bug. Works great. Using the MSFS for axis control only.
  15. I use the Rift S and the Alpha/Bravo. They are an amazing combination. The autopilot took a few flights to get the muscle memory down, but believe me when I say the immersion is enhanced a lot with the honeycomb kit.
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