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  1. Performance is abysmal, and I have somewhat high end hardware. DCS runs smooth on very high settings, as does XP11, but both of those took quite some time to get optimized for VR. This won’t be any different.
  2. I definitely will. I was exclusively flying sims in VR until MSFS. With the addition of VR, I’ll be going right back to it. I’ll post my experience with it in the VR section once I get a chance to try it out.
  3. Enjoy! I’ll be doing the same, my first attempt at doing so. I’m currently planning my legs, starting in Virginia and I have about 40 so far that get me into Scotland. I’ll be keeping a type of journal logging details about each leg and things I’ve learned about each virtual stop. Will be sharing this with my two boys as a bit of an educational thing. Get to “see” places and learn about different geography, cultures, languages, etc. it’s going to take forever, but I’m not complaining! I will be sticking with one plane, the A2A Aerostar when it is released. So for now planning continues!
  4. Great work on KRIC! Basing my Air Hauler 2 company out of the MillionAir FBO.
  5. I contacted them via e-mail and it took about a week to have my access issue resolved.
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