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  1. If you use extra scenery, etc then go for 256Gb SSD else you wont have the space to add an awful lot. As an aside loading FSX from a hard drive it seems to stick at around 6% for a while before moving on, with an SSD this wait is almost non existent. Happy Flying.
  2. Also on youtube is the voice behind some of the callouts
  3. Fscene is ok if you just want a basic improvement but GEX is much better.... of course, a lot more expensive too. Up to you really.
  4. Just my thoughts - It's not really fair comparing the latest Aerowinx product with a PMDG plane released quite a lot of years ago (2005 perhaps).
  5. I really like all the PMDG planes but the 747 still holds pride of place in my heart so still fly it.
  6. Just some advice - run it at standard for about a week, that will let all the components settle in. After that overclock keeping it stable.
  7. Even better news than the release of MS Flight there Robert, I will be looking forward to this a LOT more for one.All seems to be coming together.
  8. You go and get some rest Ryan..... you're gonna need it...All we can say is thank you but that doesn't cover it at all really... so I'll wait patiently for the magic to be released to us mortals.
  9. I'd suggest a ssd just for fsx - there is no pause at all on loading with one... just bear in mind the cost and your patience.As for cooling I went for the H70 cooler rather than air as I'm of the opinion of keeping the weight off the motherboard is beneficial - I'm not saying better.2500k should be well up to the job on the cpu side, but waiting for the next gen couldn't hurt if in no hurry.
  10. Utopia in the AVsim library does a good job of 737 variants derates as well as topcat only covers part so far.
  11. I don't know if it has been addressed yet but with ATI cards if the mouse cursor was outside the fsx window the framerate would increase a lot. Don't believe it makes a difference with Nvidia cards.I usually run in a window anyway as I have programs on another monitor but yes there is an apparent improvement in fullscreen but if you keep changing views, etc it will crash eventually due to a fsx bug.Just speculation here as I have never had an issue with this so please take as opinion, not hard fact.
  12. Agree with above as on the ITVV 747 dvd you clearly hear them say "do not overtake 'smaller plane' on the right" when doing a parallel landing. I assume that for aircraft of similar weights it wouldn't be too much of an issue for one to be a little in front of the other as they'd have similar wake profiles.Looks impressive though.
  13. This link might be of some use Granpa Burnshttp://www.air-child.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=955Looks like a reasonable Santa paint.
  14. Just to say I think latest version is 4.761 for fsuipc
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