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  1. Cuddly1956

    Secret Project #1: This one is a classic!

    Just love it pure and simple flight in a tin.
  2. Cuddly1956

    VOR Problem

    Probably answers your question Dean - the 747 uses the fms rather than raw data. Doing it the way you have there the course will only be displayed on the ND in map mode.http://support.preci...he-747-400.aspxJohn Ellison
  3. Enter -49/H040That will work then H or T then 3 figure heading, (You can also leave off the leading 0 if you wish). Also don't forget to add c or f to the temperature either.John Ellison
  4. Don't know Dan but as there was only about 10 or so mentioning it I'd guess it was more of a pc releated anomoly. If you get the LCF and it occurs you know where to come though lol.John Ellison
  5. Absolutely brilliant Ryan - now works a treat, contact points altering as they should and no gear issues - at least for me. Thanks for looking into this odd issue.Yet another beer I owe you and the team John Ellison
  6. Results - no good for me Ryan... writes to aircraft.cfg no problem but contact points missing. (text file at support ticket)Sorry. Only way I can use the 'normal' freighter is to paste the contact points back in manually.John Ellison
  7. OK Ryan. All done and I hope this works as I know you try your best to support us with issues.John Ellison
  8. Sent again - hope it gets there this time around. John Ellison
  9. That was me then from my gmail account.... Come on guys pleaseJohn Ellison
  10. Cuddly1956

    Concorde vs. 747 - Sunday Aug. 29th @ 1200z

    If anyone is stuck for charts:-LFPG :- it easier perhapsJohn Ellison
  11. Cuddly1956

    Concorde vs. 747 - Sunday Aug. 29th @ 1200z

    Same routing for Concorde or a mixture of EVX to the SM route? Have you the route for COncorde?John Ellison
  12. Cuddly1956

    Concorde vs. 747 - Sunday Aug. 29th @ 1200z

    I wonder if the load will be similar - like 100 passengers for Concorde and 400 for the 747 lol. Tis a good idea though.John Ellison
  13. Never had an issue with the tail opener, worked fine. On uninstalling/reinstalling the only way I can use the 747F is by selecting the LCF in the config manager otherwise the main gear is down and is on continual crash on 'fly now'.So issue still persists.left side is ok between 747-400 and 747-8i but the right side HAS to be set to LCF else it wont work for the 747F or 747F-8i.John Ellison
  14. All I can say is THANK YOU *******.I was able to get the MegaHeathrow up and running again with ConcordeX on the i7 and the results are that I find it absolutely stable.ConcordeX and the Airbus310 work wonderfully there now... thanks again
  15. Probably pay to 'Run as Administator' too and turn off the antivirus before installing. Vista doesn't like external programs.John Ellison