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  1. Someone seems to have paid the electricity bill yesterday, as SimRoutes is now working as before :-)
  2. Glad to hear you got things working, Ap1. Once you've got used to flying full routes with SIDs/STARs I bet you'll be wanting to step up to a payware plane with FMC. There are many good ones to choose from - and you've had a few recommendations already. If and when you decide you want to go up to that level, keep an eye open for sales and special offers, especially at major holiday times (the Bargain Hunters Forum here at AvSim will give you plenty of alerts). Have fun! Brian
  3. Hello again Ap1 I'm glad my post was readable (despite the small font) and of use to you. Graham's update to the FSX waypoint database has reasonable detailed instructions in the 'AIRAC' and 'FAQ's' sections - the links are in yellow on the left of his page. The steps are fairly basic - but if you feel uncomfortable with any of the procedures then maybe you should hold off a while until you feel sufficiently proficient in using Windows file structures etc to add stuff to FSX. As regards FSX's own ATC, you'll soon discover that although it's in actual fact very good for a free ATC control system, it is not sufficiently aligned to real world procedures to be satisfactory when flying SIDs, STARs etc. My own solution is mostly not to use it and simply to follow the flight plan I've created - maybe a little (but not exactly) like you'd do if your radio packed up on you in a real flight. Or, if I do use it, I simply acknowledge the instructions it gives me but then carry on on my own merry way - with it telling me every 20 seconds or so to expedite my turn, descent or whatever [this process of acknowledge but then ignore will be familiar to any married men on here ;-) ]. As regards the insertion of the waypoints into SimRoutes - as you've dicovered, there are many ways to skin a cat - including copying and pasting from FlightAware. However, you'll ocassionally need to work around some problems if you do this - such as the fact that FlightAware will just list the name of the SID/STAR but not the waypoints contained in the procedure. These you will still need to insert 'by hand' unless the particular (and up-to-date) SID/STAR is shown on SimRoutes' dropdown menus. As others have pointed out, there are of course (many) other ways to achieve what you're trying to do. Plan G is certainly a good program but, for me at least, it had a steep learning curve and as I hadn't completed that curve, I personally found the SimRoutes procedure a simpler method to get SIDs and STARs into my flightplan until I eventually moved on to payware planes with built-in FMCs. Your mileage with Plan G might vary, of course. Anyway, it sounds as if you've got quite a few alternatives here to enable you to fly real world routes on FSX. Fire her up and get into those blue skies! Regards Brian
  4. There's a relatively easy way to be able to fly most STARs and SIDs using just the default FSX GPS and any of the default planes. It's the method I used before I moved on to payware planes with built-in FMCs, and it served me well for quite a long time. First, you need to update the FSX database of waypoints etc using this site http://www.btinterne...itch/index.html Once you've done that, you need to get the charts of the STAR and SID that you want to fly. There are many sites that have free charts - this one is excellent for USA charts (I'll leave you to get cosy with Google for charts from other countries) http://www.airnav.com/airports/ To compile your flight plan, don't use the default FSX planner but, instead, use this site http://www.simroutes.../ShowPlans.aspx You want to use the 'Generate Routes' function - near the top of the page, in blue. It's fairly obvious how to enter the route you want to fly, including SIDs & STARs and all points in-between. Personally, I didn't bother with the SIDs & STARs drop-down menus as not all current SIDs & STARS were included - instead I inputted each individual waypoint in the large 'Route' box (of course, you might opt to use the drop-down menus if that suits). Once I had finished inputting the whole route I clicked on the 'Generate Route' box and Hey Presto, there was my flight plan and even a nice map to help me on my way. I then simply selected the correct airplane, selected FSX format instead of FS9 and then clicked on 'Download Flightplan'. This flightplan can be saved anywhere - on your Desktop, in your My Documents folder or wherever. The last step is to load up FSX, then open up Flight Planner. Select the option 'Load' - near the bottom of the screen - and then find the flightplan that you just downloaded from SimRoutes (you did make a note of where you saved it, right?), select the flightplan then click on 'Open'. You'll then see the flightplan with all the SID & STAR waypoints in all its glory. You can edit it if you wish - the most I ever needed to do was to make sure the cruising altitude was what I wanted. The last thing you then need to do is to 'OK' the flight plan and after you've selected your weather, fuel etc you'll be good to go. The GPS will have your complete flightplan (including SID & STAR) and once in the air you can hand-fly the route using the GPS for guidance or you can select autopilot/GPS/NAV and George will fly the route for you - well almost ... you'll have to sort out climbs, descents and speeds yourself as the default planes don't have full automation. Anyway, give it a go and have fun. Brian P.S. Apologies for the minute font but for some reason the 'Edit' function simply will not let me increase the font size.
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