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  1. Would certain maintenance related pages such as this be featured? Its really neat to see how the exact system is operating.
  2. AA, AFR, ACA, and JAL's 2002-2011 livery. I'm not picky about registration numbers.
  3. Exactly, even if there isn't an event sometimes there is no dead air at all so I resort to text on squawk box.
  4. This would be an awesome pilot client for VATSIM, hopefully the SDK will help out with that.
  5. Along with 447 and Colgan are airline pilots briefed on Bergenair 301 and Aero Peru 601?
  6. This happened with two 757's, Boeing has their experiences with this type of accident.
  7. What I was getting at is that any aircraft that has a PW engine will have an EPR gauge regardless of age unless that has changed. I think that an N3 indicator is standard for RR engines.
  8. Isn't EPR an PW thing regardless of aircraft type?
  9. Gotta love the 772 in AA's bare metal. http://www.marthastewardess.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/American-Airlines-777-223ER-N791AN.jpg
  10. Trolls feed off people who snipe back at them, best to ignore them.
  11. If you are happy with the LR then that's awesome so don't thrash others who want a stretched airplane or an airplane that their favorite airline flies, plus I bet a good majority of the PMDG 777's that will take to the virtual skies will not regularly fly to its near limit range wise.
  12. That's still pretty far unless you love to do those 20 hour long hauls.
  13. I'm also for the idea of having a FO panel and a gear handle with the "off" position modeled.
  14. Landing gear handle with the off position modeled.
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