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  1. One of Hifi's older products, X Garphics, will also work as the texture pack. Their reply to my query was, "Absolutely it will work fine"
  2. FScene - but I got it on sale so it didn't cost much. Abacus Aircraft - again doesn't cost much, tried a few Probably my biggest regret would be the order in which I upgraded FSX with add ons, learning by trying and buying was sometimes painful. Would have been very helpful to have known of a community forum such as Avisim when I began purchasing. What I have today is a awesome working Flight Simulator X with enhancements throughout the world, from airports to grass, sounds, airplanes, weather, moon, make and place scenery, missions, shaking and vibrating cockpits, scores for flight performance all thanks to 3rd party developers, guess you could say I'm kinda proud of how things have turned out for a non compy savy individual, and Im still running a windows xp 32 bit sytsem.
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