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  1. Like the built in Kneeboard... good idea, but no! I guess we should post a request to the developers who only appear to update the module once a year though. If you’re looking to make things easier, I have made a folder within “Flight Simulator X Flies” called ‘PDFs” there I save all my kneeboard documents and appropriately name them such as with flight plans ‘EGKKCYYZ.pdf’ or 737NGXControl.pdf..etc..etc for joystick assignments for example…then you don’t have to scratch around looking for them while in simulation… PDFKneeboard does however remember the document page number position on next loading though! Ultimate checklist… interesting! Think I’ll take a closer look at that one!… but it’s not quite the same...no sarcasm intended... Ultimate checklist is for checklists … PDFKneebard is for loading PDF documents of any content which can include checklist too, but may case some visual obstruction(no transparency), so I assign a joystick button to conveniently open and close. As per Johan Pettersen post above... but there is a very useful hotkey worth pointing out… CONTROL+[page number] which jumps to any given page....very handy... just need a good memory!... No FPS hits with me, only performance issue I have found is with the older NVidia drivers… opening the PDFkneeboard initially in full screen mode sometimes cased the screen to go black, so I try remember to open on first use within windowed mode before starting a flight (N.B. this only happens on first opening). However, since upgrading my NVidia graphics card and drivers I’ve not had any issues. Things improved a lot in v1.8 and with Bojote's corruption fix too! Think this is a really nifty free addon..can't fly without it...worth promoting!!!
  2. What I do is print all my flight documents via ‘Bullzip PDF Printer’ http://www.bullzip.com/products/pdf/info.php (If you have MS office, you may find a PDF print driver/facility already installed, thought does not have a merge option) When printing, I use Bullzip PDF merge option to gather all my printouts from various sources/applications.. flight plan charts etc. into one PDF document ready to display into PDFKneeboard..… maybe this helps solve your problem
  3. Hi,As an alternative ...I’ve been using the free PDFKneeboard for a couple of years now…works in full screen too! I just convert any required information such as load sheets, plates etc. into Adobe / PDF format ready for a flight. Bit like an ‘electronic flight bag’ really… Thus, I don’t need to use the build in Kneeboard anymore! http://code.google.com/p/fscode/wiki/PDFKneeboard FSX & 2004 versions available.
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