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  1. salukipilot

    Joining the Prepar3d Bandwagon

    I just made the jump from FSX-SE to P3D, fantastic and the only tweak it needed was affinity mask. Other than it runs great, and looks fantastic right out of the box.
  2. salukipilot

    NGX Reboot is under development!

    Is there any way to integrate the use of the wing lights? I'm not referring to the wing mounted landing lights, but rather the aft facing fuselage-mounted lights used for lighting the leading edges of the wings. The original use of the lights was to help the crew inspect the leading edges of the wings for ice. In the US however (not sure about other countries) these lights are turned on for takeoffs and arrivals to make the aircraft more visible to other traffic. While the altitudes may be different from airline to airline, generally most carriers have the wing lights on anytime they're below FL180. -John Luis
  3. salukipilot

    [Beta Preview] NGX SP1d

    Southwest is adding them to all the -800s as well, not sure about the -700s though. With the shorter average sector lengths, perhaps the numbers aren't as enticing. -John Luis
  4. Yeah but they released the 777 when it was ready and it has the WX radar too, I'm sure the 737 will be the same, as soon as it's ready they'll roll it out. The weather radar isn't a deal breaker for most folks anyways, after all we've been flying the ole girl for years now without a weather radar. When the ASN beta is ready it'll be a nice bonus, but until then just having the NGX back will be fine. -John Luis
  5. The folks who produce ASN were hoping to have an FSX-SE beta out right about now, nothing yet but it seems it should be soon. The two releases will hopefully coincide pretty nicely. -John Luis
  6. The problem is that if I recall correctly Dovetail only has distribution rights for FSX, so they're limited in just how much they can change. A few minor fixes to some known issues is one thing, but I don't think they're allowed to make major changes to the code itself. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure that was the extent of the agreement. I do agree that it certainly appears there was little in the way of input from developers like PMDG which would have possibly prevented situations like these where everyone is waiting for their favorite add ons to become compatible. Even once the NGX gets the green light, there's no using the new wx radar in FSX SE until Hifi patches Activesky to make it compatible. Admittedly, it's a real tough spot for the developers. -John Luis
  7. salukipilot

    Seeking Liverys for NGX

    United is another one that's long overdue.
  8. Rod, Yeah after some research I think I'm good to go. Spending to get a really good PSU as I did a year ago definitely doesn't have the kind of exhilaration that comes with upgrading the video card, but it's definitely worth it. It's odd, I have zero brand loyalty towards anything, anything except my PSU. Seasonic or bust. Thanks again for the input guys.
  9. Thanks to both of you for the reply, yeah $100 is what I'm seeing. Figured it's a low-risk, moderate upside investment. I have a Seasonic 620w PSU, might have to upgrade that too I suppose. Thanks again gents for the insight.
  10. Mark, I have a 550Ti which I got a few years ago because that's all the budget would allow, a brand-new card like the 970 is probably out of the question from a cost standpoint for me, but I've seen some good deals on some of the now obsolete cards (notably the GTX580). Would it still be worth the upgrade going from a 550ti to the 580? I'm actually pretty pleased with the performance of FSX, like many, it's actually OOMs that are limiting what I can do as much as the hardware these days. But if it got me and extra frame or two at places like LAX in the 777, that'd still be nice. Thanks. -John
  11. I agree 100%. I have KMCO and it's spectacular. Doha is on the acquisitions list for down the line. Terrific stuff.
  12. salukipilot

    Delta Livery

    And the entire Delta fleet of 737-700s, all ten of them, are also in Avsim if you dig around. They're very good. -John Luis
  13. salukipilot

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Caribpilot, Unfortunately there isn't a top-notch UA repaint out there for the NGX right now. For whatever reason the font seems tough to nail properly, you really have two options. The PMDG repaint is ok, but the font is too short from a height standpoint. The texture by Sky Level got the font right, and the weathering looks pretty cool. There are a few UA NGs out there that look a little haggard, but most of them still look nice and bright white, not as rough as their bird. I keep checking AVSIM once a week to see if a new one snuck in there, but so far no luck! Regards, -John K
  14. salukipilot

    Several liveries for the 737NGX

    Christian, Any chance of some United repaints? The only ones out there I've seen have a font that is far too thin and short. Would love to see one of the premier repainters take a crack at it. The new AA one you did is just superb by the way! -John Luis
  15. salukipilot

    FS2Crew 777 gets "official" PMDG Status

    I won't even fly anything commercial aircraft wise unless it has FS2Crew. It's become a prerequisite for me to consider plunking down the cash necessary to get the high end releases out there. -Lou