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  1. Caribpilot, Unfortunately there isn't a top-notch UA repaint out there for the NGX right now. For whatever reason the font seems tough to nail properly, you really have two options. The PMDG repaint is ok, but the font is too short from a height standpoint. The texture by Sky Level got the font right, and the weathering looks pretty cool. There are a few UA NGs out there that look a little haggard, but most of them still look nice and bright white, not as rough as their bird. I keep checking AVSIM once a week to see if a new one snuck in there, but so far no luck! Regards, -John K
  2. Christian, Any chance of some United repaints? The only ones out there I've seen have a font that is far too thin and short. Would love to see one of the premier repainters take a crack at it. The new AA one you did is just superb by the way! -John Luis
  3. I won't even fly anything commercial aircraft wise unless it has FS2Crew. It's become a prerequisite for me to consider plunking down the cash necessary to get the high end releases out there. -Lou
  4. Does anyone know if there is an alternative to the standard PMDG United Airlines liveries? They look ok except the font used for "United" is too short height wise. Awhile back someone did a repaint of the eco-skies bird and absolutely nailed the correct font size and spacing, but I haven't seen one in the normal livery. Cheers. -John K
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