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  1. the ftx global vector lights are not working in your pictures. Only the lights annotated around houses in the landclass textures.
  2. Can confirm now also that using the UTX tools to enable/disable roads doesn't effect the terrain.cfg at all. So once your cfg is edited to add the vector lights to UTX roads you can turn them on/off with the UTX tool as you like. Near KSFO with more UTX roads enabled. Major urban and rural.
  3. Huge improvement I think and better FPS without the UTX road lights. Download Los Angeles. I only use the UTX Major Urban roads with no road encasement. let the autogen fill in the rest. Thanks again!
  4. ORBX and UTX have an active interest in NOT supporting each other, so its not very surprising. UTX wants to sell their products and Flight1 wants to sell GEX. ORBX has hinted they have a vector roads/water/coastlines product in the works so why would they support UTX? Glad the users figured it out in the end.
  5. Woot it worked, just had to add lights to "ALL" the UTX road entries, urban and rural. Thanks guy, the community strikes again!
  6. Tried the terrain edits above and still no lights on my UTX roads, so maybe something else wrong with my FTX Global install :(
  7. Really glad to hear this I am one who hates talking to my PC haha. Looking forward to FS2Crew for the 777 whenever it arrives!
  8. Glad to see there will be a button version!
  9. This one has had me scratching my head for ages. Another annoying tidbit. Head movement changes based on geographic location. The further north or south you travel from the equator the less pronounced head movement becomes. Test for yourself. Try moving around ESSA or any other far north airport. Head movement goes away. Move close to the equator and the effect becomes magnified. I have made all the noted changes in this thread as well, no effect unless I am far north or south.
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