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  1. Scot, tried to DM you about coolsky dc-9 and it said you don’t accept messages. DM me if you need a copy or if it will break the newest version of LINDA. best,
  2. Thanks, Dan. Presumably I should uninstall FS2Crew too? And then run the OC and the NGX once to check it before reinstalling FS2Crew? (I'll post this over there, too, but that seems like the best approach.) Edit: FYI, the reason for this post was there were a bunch of posts about errors, not working afterwards, etc.
  3. Howdy all, After a period of limited simming (and largely using the very awesome Coolsky DC-9 when I do), I've started flying the NGX again. I see that they have discontinued liveries and so on and gone to an operations center (which started with the 777 which I don't have and probably won't buy despite how awesome it apparently is). After searching the forum, it appears I need to re-download the NGX and run the files to update it. Apparently that will delete the liveries I have (which aren't very many) and I'll need to reinstall them and add others, etc. Any other tips or tricks for the unwary anyone can suggest? I use FS2Crew (non-reboot version), LINDA, and GSX, but I can't imagine other than FS2Crew that these would be affected. Suggestions on doing this welcome. Thanks a bunch.
  4. Finally had a chance to recreate from the saved point. It worked, without a hitch. Although I do wonder if there is a bit of an issue where if you don't complete to process such that it goes through the after takeoff check and so forth that it does hang. But, if you don't panic it works fine.
  5. Ha, yes. I freely admit my error. But really couldn't get it to move again using the arrows. I'll try to land again when I can and report back after a proper go around unless you say it's a known issue (which I would doubt). While I still prefer the voice versions, I still like flying this bird with your enhancements.
  6. Howdy all, First, I know this product is older than that old, but I pulled the MD-11 and the FS2Crew add-on out last night for the first time in awhile. Second, I searched this and found another thread but it seemed to get hung up on how it got into GA mode, not getting out. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong procedurally that I couldn't get the software to advance. Here's what happened: While on final, I accidentally hit my mapped red button and it started the go around sequence. I panicked because it started pulling flaps up at low speed, and I didn't want to stall. Eventually got it stable and flying on the GA path I wanted and went to re-set up the approach. No dice. Couldn't get the FS2Crew to budge into a different mode using the arrows and neither green nor red button did anything. Had to land all alone (sad face). As an additional data point, my GA was a bit of a mess, so I was definitely not doing the correct procedure. So, my question is: does anyone know if FS2Crew will automatically advance back to approach? If so, what's the trigger event that I blew? I guess it's also possible that I crashed the add-on, as it didn't seem to be otherwise working, Although, it did work when I landed and called to disarm slides, so i don't think that's it. Any thoughts? I suppose it could also be a bug where it hangs in GA mode, but I'm betting on pilot error as the mostly likely cause. Thanks in advance. Doug
  7. So, I had a failure of an engine fire. (Cause could have been pilot error, but that's not the question). So, had the alarm go off, pulled the level, discharged the bottle, performed the remaining checklist items.... and nothing. Flame continued unabated and I didn't burn up. Is the extinguishing of the fire modeled/ animated? Clearly burning into a a crisp isn't since I kept flying on one engine with flames from the other one to see what would happen. i would be nice to know if they simulated the recovery as well as the failure. Anyone else had something similar?
  8. Ok, I got the MCP1 to work with 2.6.6 for all aircraft EXCEPT the Q400. I got this error. LUA Error: ....a-cfg/aircrafts/Majestic Dash 8 Q-400/config-hid.lua:3 attempt to index field (068E00510 (a nil value) So then, I deleted (actually renamed) the config.lua file in the linda-cfg folder for the Q400 (this is advice you gave me on a slightly different error I had in an earlier thread. It seems to work now. A couple nits: 1. Saved flights: do not work. I get a string of error messages. Not a big deal. I will try some new flights and saving them to ensure this is just for "old" flights and not some persistent issue. 2. The display is pretty simple, but it works, so I'm ok with that. It beats not working at all.
  9. Are you using 2.6.6 with MCP1? Scott seemed to say that had a display issue which I believe I experienced. Thanks, I don't think a new MCP is likely, but I will tinker with 2.6.3 v.2 and see if I can get that to work with the MCP1 and a version of the module. Maybe I can turn the MCP off if I'm using the Q400. Not ideal, but I have other hardware that I would like to work as well and it appears to. If you happen to fix (or think you have fixed) the MCP1 display issue on 2.6.6, let me know and I can test it for you. Best, Best,
  10. So, a few data points and clarifications here: To be clear, I have the original MCP Combo, the one that is listed as "untested" with v2.6.3 and that we should use 1.13 instead. I couldn't get the q400 module to work at all. I tried an older version of the module (not sure which one) as well as the new one with 1.13. I got an error message every time. I then tried installing versions 2.6.3 and it wouldn't work at all. I even got a display error that was so bad that I thought it had bricked my MCP, but I was able to fix it by a USB unplug/replug. Not sure what to do. I could send the error message (which was something like "60003446") if that would help. If there's an older version of the module you recommend, I'm certainly interested in trying it. I'll even try 2.6.6 if you think that would work. Best, EDIT: I noted there is a "2.6.3 v.2" that fixed the range check error. I don't think I used that one. Is that the one that has been reported to work successfully with the MCP1?
  11. Thanks, Scott. I'll double check, but my recollection is that the 2.6.3 caused the error message with the add-ons I used most. I'll double check when I'm in front my FS rig.
  12. I have been tinkering with my system and noted the Majestic module is missing and I was going to reinstall. I'm kind of confused what to do, since I use the older version of Linda (1.3?) so it will work with my MCP v.1 (2.6.X doesn't seem to work with it.) If I install the current module will it work with the older version of LINDA? (And by "work", I mean function enough to make my MCP usable enough to fly and not cause a CTD everytime.) As an aside, I recently bought the FS2Crew for it, but have not yet installed it. Thanks for any advice.
  13. Scot, Thanks for the help, that was indeed it! This is a rather unconventional bird in its mappings of things and the way it behaves.
  14. I was using Linda 1.1.1 Just upgraded to 1.1.3. Doesn't seem to matter. I have the VRInsight Boeing style MCP (first version). Looking at the list of commands in the first post, it doesn't appear that anyone has been able to isolate the range switching, feature (There's only 4 or 5 positions in the DASH.) A lot of the Autopilot functions also seem to be unavailable. The vertical navigation on this plane seems similar to the J41 (IAS, Alt SEL, etc.)
  15. Howdy all, just bought this craft and loaded the Linda module. It seems like the programming of the bird precludes using a MCP to its full potential. Much of the left side of the MCP (baro, range) and the autopilot (vnav) seems unavailable. I'm happy to go hunting to find other things, but it sounds like others have tried. If there's unexplored hunting, please let me know Best,
  16. In the spirit of throwing some names out: CS 727. Got it during one of their sales, so worth the risk, but the various bugs drive me nuts. I use FSX SP2 and not Acceleration, and apparently that makes a big difference. Feel There/Wilcom Citation. I bought this when I got back into simming, and found out later that there were better/more complete versions of the Citation. Those are the only two I really "regret" in so far as I don't think they were good purchases in retrospect. I have others I have purchased that I don't use that much, like FS2Crew MD11 (which is great for what it is, and I love his stuff, but without the voice, it's meh), or the FlyTampa St. Maarten (well done, but I end up flying to St. Maarten just to fly to the airport when it isn't a normal location for me. I do think this thread is interesting because some people have posted things that I love and have no problems with (like UT2) saying that they cause frequent CTDs. Always interesting to see how people's experiences vary.
  17. Thanks Michel! The vision in my head was something similar, with a wooden back but with ABS plastic sheets screwed on the front. I can get 1/16 inch for like $8 and 1/8 for like $13 from Amazon, less if I shop around. If you want to PM me with the design software link, that would be awesome. I'm thinking essentially a glorified trapezoid. Thanks a bunch. I'm finally getting to where I am ready to move forward after a couple of small boxes in project boxes.
  18. Michael, Very nice. I've actually been quietly working on an MCP and an overhead. I'm using interfaces from Groovy Game Gear, since I didn't feel like having the extra expense of importing equipment from the U.K. (I'm in the U.S.) The hold up (other than lack of time), has been inability to commit to a box design. What did you use to build the enclosure and face? I was going to buy some sheets of ABS and make something, but hadn't decided completely. I also have this dream of putting in a display that will show crz alt and landing alt, but I think that might be impossible. I at least want to include the dials for both. Thanks for the continued inspiration. As with you, I started thinking about this when I saw LINDA.
  19. Dario, there's a thread in the Support sub-forum where Guenther gives me some pointers on how to use Tracer more effectively. My issue was that while the manual describes nicely how to find the functions, I was unclear on what to do with that information. I usually sim on the weekends only, so I will try playing with this in a few days.
  20. Dario, thanks. I'm trying to do this without mouse macros, but rather buy adding to the module to some other overhead functions I would want. I'm sort of toying with building a bit of an overhead, compacted down.
  21. Any chance you will eventually do more of the overhead panel? I'm looking at adding some functions myself, but I thought you might be looking at it too.
  22. Hey Bryan, hope you are well. Seeing as there won't be a Voice version for the MD-11, I'm probably buying the button control MD-11 shortly, since, well, I love your products. But, I just read the review (which gives a pretty good idea of how things work if you've never used a button control bersion before), and noticed that it says the program kills the "pause" feature in FSX. Is that true? I know pause isn't very realistic, but it also isn't very realistic to have your three year old come in and tug on the yoke, or have your wife tell you to take out the trash, while mid-flight. EDIT: I think I mis-read the review, or its just unclear, but the pause function still works, right? (I can't imagine you would do that, but, now I want to check.)Best,
  23. Anyone know off hand, do these new drivers and the interface work with the 200 series cards, or only the 400 and/or 500?Thanks.
  24. Dan, Here's a question: Do you have to use the full version of photoshop, or can you use the "photoshop elements" version out there?
  25. So, Dan, if you do the scenario you outline (i.e. without the TTT fix), do you get a CTD, or this just him and a few other people. I use DIR INTC from time to time in flight (e.g., cut off a corner on a flightplan) and haven't noticed a propensity to CTD.
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