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  1. foibles, et al, As noted the temps are much lower now, running wet. That was benched and tweaked with a spare Hyper 212+. It now resides in the case fitted with a 360mm rad and 6 fans in push-pull. ~70C peak Prime95 Lg FFTs, overnight, @ 50% fan speed(quiet enough). If I cook that 3820, I'll grab another one! It is simply a cheaper, interim chip, while waiting for IB-E. RAM is indeed 8 x 8GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 Cas 9 with a mild overclock. 48GB is used for the Qsoft RAMDisk, leaving 16 GB for the system. On my last rig I saw quite the noticeable reduction in stuttering when I moved to an SSD, so, when I budgeted this one, I went for the 64GB to accomplish a RAMDisk experiment.. The -1600 is ~$500 cheaper, keeping experimentation costs down. If my RAMDisk had shown another step up vs an SSD I would have eventually gone with the $800 DDR3-2400. I may yet, when IB-E arrives. I posted my SSD vs RAMdisk test results(FSXMark07) here: http://www.flightsim...sk-vs-SSD-tests
  2. This is when she was on air. It runs about 10-11C cooler wet. Higher resolution wasn't that much of a penalty
  3. The only folks that can actually help you are Abacus. Did you e-mail them, custsupp@abacuspub.com, as Bill suggested?
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