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  1. The 80's cockpit layout has "true soul". Not like the new glass cockpits with displays getting so big that you just think"... and where did they hide the playstation controller..." in case there is not much to do.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Really interesting. Now a "officially youtube proofed aviation expert" has learnt something very basic about reverse thrust and braking.
  3. No problem. Go to program files\real environment xtreme\ themes\backup\initial backup /texture/spotlight.bmp (my path in Win XP) copy "spotlight.bmp" from there back to your FSX folder location ...\FSX\Texture folder (main Texture folder) And then you have the lights back.
  4. It looks like you use REX enhanced lights. Switch back to the default lights in REX and confirm that the lights work properly again. The wrong file is in the main texture folder of FSX and is called "spotlight.bmp" if you want to correct it manually.
  5. Thanks a lot. Exactly the livery I was looking for.
  6. Maybe this might have been asked before. But does anyone know if there is an PMDG NGX Sports Illustrated Bar Rafaeli Southwest 737 Livery available anywhere similar to this one?http://library.avsim.net/sendfile.php?Location=AVSIM&Proto=file&ImageID=254980
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