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  1. The 80's cockpit layout has "true soul". Not like the new glass cockpits with displays getting so big that you just think"... and where did they hide the playstation controller..." in case there is not much to do.
  2. Thanks for the explanation. Really interesting. Now a "officially youtube proofed aviation expert" has learnt something very basic about reverse thrust and braking.
  3. Hi Kyle, I have a qustion. Could you ask if we could possibly get a screenshot of the /400 VC with the old style backup intrumentation. Thanks
  4. I guess the PMDG MD11 was, intended or not, a gift for a small group of "tubesimaviationfanatics" who wanted to have something different or broaden their knowledge beyond the usual Boeing based products. I would never call her, as it is now correct, the Boeing MD11. For me it will be always the McDonnell Douglas MD11, a true Diva with it's legendary "MD11 bounce". And certainly I would love to see a minimum upgrade solution that brings UHDT VC textures to the bird. But although it might not cost more than a week to do it, I think we won't even see a small update unfortunately.
  5. Why do we have no freezes with the NGX? Were those sounds not good enough? Did they develop a too complicated sound environment?
  6. No problem. Go to program files\real environment xtreme\ themes\backup\initial backup /texture/spotlight.bmp (my path in Win XP) copy "spotlight.bmp" from there back to your FSX folder location ...\FSX\Texture folder (main Texture folder) And then you have the lights back.
  7. It looks like you use REX enhanced lights. Switch back to the default lights in REX and confirm that the lights work properly again. The wrong file is in the main texture folder of FSX and is called "spotlight.bmp" if you want to correct it manually.
  8. Isn't it ironic that since I bought FS2Crew 767 Voice Commander I primarily use this aircraft; even more often than the NGX. There even seems to be an SDK for the J41? Why not for the MD11?
  9. Can't wait to see the first movie of that beautiful flightdeck in action.
  10. Actually I wanted to say that Level D developed a nice SDK for the 767 and that you can control it much better via voice control than the products of the competitors. The whole autopilot with almost every function can be voice controlled and manipulated by your F/O. Only the Maddog surpases it in terms of complexity in my opinion. I really recommend the FS2Crew voice commander edition. For me it was like flying a new plane. And compared to the airline checklists I put out of several ITVV, Just Flight and World Air Route DVDs the included checklists are quite accurate.
  11. From the grahical point of view it may look outdated, but if you use it with FS2Crew Voice Commander edition it is way better than the PMDG 747 with FS2Crew for instance. The Maddog with FS2Crew might be slightly better though. I keep my statement. I would not judge it only by its graphical appearance. Level D with Voice Commander is still excellent. Unfortunately there is no Voice Commander for the MD11. I think this would be my favorite if it would be available.
  12. Nothing comes close to the Level D with FS2Crew. Not even the NGX.
  13. Thanks a lot. Exactly the livery I was looking for.
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