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  1. jeroen79

    The Dream Sim - How Ethical Is It?

    What do you mean by this? What do ethics have to do with flight simulation? Hmm, how would you organize that? I'm sure that there have been wishlist-topics before. In my opinion the most important thing would be that the simulation is designed as a platform that is open to other developers who can expand the sim.
  2. Instead of potentiometers you could use rotary encoders for the FCU. These can rotate an infinite amount while potentiometers can only rotate a fixed range.
  3. jeroen79

    Germanwings 4U9525 dissapears over the Alps

    They are victims too. Not only did they lose their son, their son also killed 150 people.
  4. jeroen79

    Amy Johnson - London to Australia Attempt

    Should that be an objection?If you already regularly spend time on flightsimming then it wouldn't matter if that time is spent on several flights with no relation to eachother or a big journey of many flights. Anyway, good luck with it.
  5. jeroen79

    FSDeveloper Site Down

    The domain does not resolve to an ip address. A whois for the domain says that it's status is 'client hold'. So there something wrong with the domain registration.
  6. jeroen79

    Best GA Single Prop

    Or the RealAir SF260.