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  1. On the Avsim Front Page,on the righthand side under Hotspots,there are the guides you are looking for.
  2. Hello; Go to this web site,they have VHHX Nav Data for certain aircraft. www.vapap.com
  3. Hello; Its crazy,hopefuly they get it fixed,I emailed them,with that address you posted,.Hopefully Ill here something.
  4. Hello; I tried,but Ill send another one. Thanks;
  5. Hello; I tried again,still no luck,and have not received a responce from anyone at Simmarket?
  6. Hopefully,thanks for your help.
  7. Hello; Hello; I can't even do that,you have to be able to log in,so maybe Ill here from someone,at Simmarket.
  8. Thanks,its is just strange why I don'e even get an email,to change my password,or hear back from anyone.
  9. Hello; Thanks for your reply,yes Ive checked that,its just strange.
  10. Hello; This is really frustrating,can't log into my Simmarket account,keep getting this message,wrong password,or email was wrong,well I have tried to get another password,to change it,but have never heard back from them.This happened to me ears ago,so I wasn't really shocked,but after a couple of days Miguel finally responded,and helped,well this time,no such luck so far. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks; Mark
  11. Hello; Thanks for the reply,went back to 2.50 Alpha version,no more pop-ups. Thank s;
  12. Hello; Im having a problem with Chase Plane,after I installed A2A C182,and the Comanche,and started Chase Plane,I get this pop-up; There was an error while processing the following aircraft. There was an error while processing the following aircraft. A2A_C182 (P3Dv3) - Unable to Access cfg file, A2A_Piper_PA24_250_Comanche (P3Dv3) - Unable to Access cfg file Make sure you have sufficent permissions to write to this file. I checked the folders,and I have permission for this,and also run as the administrator.The A2A Comanche does not have a problem installed by itself,no pop-ups,its only after I installed the C182,that I receive this pop-up for both aircraft. I running Prepar 3D,V3,the latest version of V3. Thank you; Mark Wyckoff
  13. Hello; I think its listed under Digital Aviation CRJ 700/900,thats listed under add-ons on the Navigraph FMS Data. Thanks;
  14. Hello; Here's link to the Front Page of there site;http://www.flightsimlabs.com/index.php/a3xx-master-series-a320-3/ Mark
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