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  1. I was wondering the same thing as I noticed that last night as well. But if you look at the wipers going while looking at the exterior view they seem to go much higher than what you see on the inside view.
  2. Yeah I am getting the same pop up window when starting FSX... Any advice as to whether we need to choose "yes" to update and if we do is this something we will have to pay for? John
  3. The only thing I have noticed was on a flight I made this morning that started at dawn. When I would turn on the cockpit flood lights while the taxi and or landing lights were on the ground would no longer be illuminated. But once I turned the cockpit flood lights back off the ground would again be illuminated by taxi and or landing lights. In the intro it mentions that "cockpit flood lights to function in the daytime... may cause visual artifacts due to the specifics of the lighting technique used" Not sure if this is one of the "artifacts" it could be referring and what Kyle had mentioned? I have yet to see if the same thing occurs during night.
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