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  1. Vali

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I had 2 CTDs, in 2 flights from several, with 747-8. Once with ntdll, second time, no error, just CTD during setting a restriction in the fpln. Both times was CTD during FMGS operation. Second time, after 7 hours of flight and on VATSIM... 😞
  2. EVGA 2080Ti FTW3 for me 😄 When available.. in Germany.
  3. I am playing P3D v4 in 4K and as I saw at the reviewers, 4K performance for fps is increased, which for me is important. Of course, it is quite a high price but if at 4K with good settings, 30 fps will be smooth and stable... I think it is all about the experience. My 1080Ti FTW3 still struggles with DL to be honest. I am waiting for Rob's tests to see if he confirms it. And when DLSS will be implemented, will be even better I suppose.
  4. I will wait till Asus and EVGA will bring up their variants of 2080Ti (now I have an EVGA 1080 TI and I am happy with it). Till then, I suppose more real benchmarks and P3D feedback will be available 😄 On Amazon in Germany, 2080TI founders edition is at 1559 euros.. which is too much if the gain will be confirmed as small. 1080Ti made a difference for the P3D DL for example. Lets see about 2080Ti and 4K and DL.
  5. Hi Slavamirin, Do you have a flight plan example? What I do, is to go during the flight with the cursor to the point where it is written Arrival (or Approach), push PROC and select the new arrival. I think you can also push directly PROC and go to select arrival and change it. After that I use CLR button to clear the not necessary or wrong points. Also I always do Select Departure, Select Arrival and then I insert the waypoints. Sometimes the airways are a little bit tricky I noticed, as the waypoints are doubled but I solve it with CLR. Another point is for DTO, Direct-TO, as if you select it with the button, or on the waypoint with the button, you loose completely the fpln. Alternative is with the ACT LEG but it is not quite a direct-to as I noticed, as it takes in fact the next leg where direct-to point is the endpoint, so the heading is not quite a direct.
  6. I have an issue with Phenom 100 and Navigraph extension, I can not see the names of the waypoints or airports on the MAP from idea why. late edit> solved, I had to install the fonts from P3D folder to Windows.
  7. Vali

    GTN 750 Panel

    Has anyone a good GTN750 config for Phenom 100 for P3D v4.3? I tried the one from flight1 site but it freezes at some point during operation and the right PFD is smaller than its normal size (I have GTN config P3D v2.06).
  8. On my side am I using AS4+ASCA+Envtex+PTA2.62+ReShade (with Pete's pta and reshade files). At this level, I am not sure if SF will make a big difference to worth it.
  9. Vali

    P3d v4.3

    No CTDs, no more stuttering and under 30 fps with DL even on high end specs will be a good start for 4.3( I know that fps depends also by addons a lot but.. still :D)
  10. Vali

    Ultimate 787 - V1.1.1 Released

    Hand flying this is so damn nice. First test flight was OK on my side.
  11. Vali


    I am not sure if with FSLabs A320 at Heathrow or Frankfurt, with dynamic lights ON, people can get in the range of 60 fps to match the order to not have stuttering. Usually there fps are in the area more into the 30 range.
  12. Vali

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    I think is not something unusual for a new release, every product has its flaws at start. I will give credit to QW, the product has its potential. It can not be worse than CRJ which after a long time after release still has issues. I experienced till now only the VNAV issue but it can be also due to my programming fault and lower fps at the second flight (without closing the P3D in-between), hard to say. So I am optimistic about this, it is a nice add-on, just need to be a little bit more polished. Regarding refund, maybe you need to wait the patch from QW, I think they will try to fix CTDs issues in these 30 days allowed for refund so people will have another try, that would be good.
  13. Vali

    Repaint Request Thread

    I would also like to see a repaint of Carpatair 340, if possible.
  14. Vali

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    I had no questions and I need no explanation, I suppose your message was not for me.
  15. Vali

    Aerosoft A318/319 v. 1.31 & P3Dv4

    No, you are not the only one, that would have been better. Now I will wait to see what are the plans of FSLabs for their next Airbus. If it is A330, I will skip the AS one.