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  1. Yes, correct, this is what I wanted to say.
  2. That spinning circle for me creates also stutters...
  3. Looking forward for the fix against the freezing, when it happens it spoils all the fun unfortunately. And it happens often when I am playing with the MCDU.
  4. As far as I know, the HA-420 uses the latest implementation of the Asobo Garmin, this is why the Charts function is not working for now, I understood it will come back with a further update.
  5. I would say Honda Jet too, I am loving it. By the way, how can someone open the doors to the Longitude? 😄 It is a nice plane but many switches are not operational. I am more spoiled with the HJET features.
  6. Might be, I have Win 10 and Steam Edition for MSFS 2020, also my sim is installed on a different drive than the Windows. You can make a backup before trying. Zendesk article: https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/5410691478172-How-to-fix-loading-issues-after-clicking-Fly-or-Ready-to-fly-button-
  7. Try to limit the fps (in the menus sometimes are pretty high or gets laggy) and delete from your AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator the DCE, SceneryCache and SceneryIndexes folders, they will be rebuilt.
  8. I do not know about the 7950X3D but my 5900X combined with the 3090 Ti FTW3 at 4K still does a pretty good job and the CPU is far more less used at 4K than the GPU and for the GPU if I do not lock the frames or lower the settings stays at 99-100%. So for me the best thing to do is to switch to the RTX 4090 😄
  9. I think so too, thanks for the feedback guys. I have read also that they are enough powerful and OC is marginal. I agree, for my son I have bought the TUF 4070TI, yes, no big difference with the Strix.
  10. I am wondering if the price difference worth it or it is recommended to get the OC variant instead of the normal Strix 4090. Usually I do a little overclock myself and my actual Evga 3080 Ti FTW3 is running with OC but with undervoltage now.
  11. I have seen many people reporting issues with the fps, in the pie-chart is only 1%, I am not sure how to read it, if it is really a general issue as reported or not.
  12. Well, my A320 gets raised the during pushback, no idea how this looks on Vatsim 😄 Important is to not be like this on my side lol.
  13. In the end, I think it is an outdated marketing term 🙂 (and most probably wrongly used by many developers). I prefer complex, high-fidelity simulation, detailed and so on.
  14. For the commercial simulators, used by pilots, they have a four levels classification, I suppose for the PC/Xbox and so on we can also consider some levels of simulation. We can say that a PMDG, Fenix have complex or high replica of systems while other are basic and so on. Study is a relative word for sure.
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