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  1. I think 9 out of 10 is a little bit too much on this.. It still can not manage after such a long time after release a basic function like LNAV for such kind of addon. Also the quality of exterior texturing is not great compared with other addons. Also from time to time a pop up shows and ruins completely your flight... Interior lighting is also somehow limited. The exterior one is also average. This is my personal opinion on it, not inventing issues. It is a challenging plane to fly, that comes in its advantage but still needs some more tuning to be at 9 out from 10, I would say. Fixing is going slowly...very slowly.
  2. I am flying the Premier 1A, except VNAV and FLC, it works pretty OK, once you get used with it. The FMS and Navigraph availability is for me a plus.Thr Proline is ..basic, would be nice to be improved.
  3. FLC mode is still... even if I set and stabilize the speed before activating the mode, at some point it still starts to descend or climb chaotically.
  4. One for FMS would be nice.. as it sill lacks some functions compared with the one which I see in the videos. What would be good is for VNAV, the TOD and VPATH Hold will be also OK. Also the checklist for the MFD. Maybe they can also separate the FMS to be able to show different pages. Here also it can be seen in action
  5. Hello guys, Which GA small jets are you recommending for P3D v4.1? Is Carenado 390 Premier IA OK? Other recommendations?
  6. Lets see in the end, after Intel releases the patches, hopefully will remain the same or acceptable, only with the MS updates is too soon so say it is over. But there is hope...
  7. So Intel says, no issue on their side, no bug in their hardware... if we will have a decrease in performance is for our own safety, the bad guys which might use the exploit are to be blamed.
  8. Just run some benchmarks now, before the patch is applied for you, just to have a reference, so we can at least compare if there are noticeable effects or not. On my side, Cinebench results are as following: Now ( KB4056891 installed): 1903 cb / 197 cb (single core) Before: 2012 cb / 213 cb (single core)
  9. I left the PC ON, after my flight today (P3D was closed) and got some rest, after I came, I saw it re-booted. I checked the EventViewer and... "A reboot is necessary before package KB4056891 can be changed to the Installed state." So more or less mandatory (or by "force") done... This is the update related to the issue reported, as I see. I have Win 10.
  10. Yes sure, will not impact people which read emails and do browsing they say.. Really? I am not in that group...
  11. Oh well, AMD is also not 100% safe... And Intel, nothing more to say
  12. I have read yesterday that for the gamers (large consumer) Nvidia might skip Volta and move forward to Ampere.
  13. Well, at least on my 7900x, I overclocked the core 0 more (as it is use the main core used by P3D) and the rest not so much. With AIO it stays decent in 60-70s, max 80s, without delid. I suppose you can push also the core 0 of 8700K more, using AIO and without delid. But as I saw the 8700K can be pushed with AIO OK till 5.0GHz (4.8-5.1 depending by the chip). Over 5GHz you should delid it.
  14. By getting an 8700K I would also consider an AIO.. in order to clock it as high as possible and still being stable. And 8700K seems to be a good CPU for overclock.
  15. Perhaps you will find this video interesting: