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  1. I think I will use 4.5 HF2 till FS2020 will come out and then I will decide with which sim I will go on.
  2. Eurofighter Typhoon I'm sold.
  3. For my EVGA card was, with the EVGA Precision XOC app.
  4. I had this kind of issue in the past with my 1080Ti FTW3, I had to reduce the GPU and MEM clocks with 100 MHz and then it was stable.
  5. That did it, now it passed the zone with the problem without issue, thanks for the hint! I noticed that at that time with page file ON, the reading from C:\ drive was at max also (P3D is installed on other partition). Probably some Windows or something corrupted.. I do not understand.
  6. I think not (page file is set to 32GB), I will do it, but it is strange, so for sure are not the clouds or the FSLabs (because till north of Germany all was fine). Might be something from ORBX Germany North or some airport in that area above which I was flying... Normally P3D uses around 6GB on my side, as soon as I get close to 40-60nm from EDDB it rockets up to 32GB... did the flight again, it happened again in the same area.
  7. Today I experienced first time an Out of memory in P3D v4.5... it took on my flight with the FSLabs A321 from MUC to ARN all of the 32GB of memory... how is this possible? Sim crashed with out of memory message. I did not have these issues since the old 32bit...
  8. They are white but not flashing. See this manual here (TOC 1-24): http://aircraftstudyapps.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Phenom-300-compressed.pdf See also a Phenom 300 by night:
  9. Yes, keeping the speeds to keep the track is challenging but PFD indications help, till now I could manage it. My problem is when you receive from controller a certain way point, or arrival, or approach and that is not in the GTN (for example Nice LFMN, there I think I could not find some but I am not 100% sure). And in short time to edit it manually point by point can lead to some issues in following the controller indications in time or properly.
  10. Looking forward for the progress. It always comes at a cost. It will be as usual a transition time.
  11. Normally you can see if AP is ON on the PFD, on top center of it.
  12. On my side is the same (I will post one from FSLabs A321, there they have different textures I think) : A321: And @Rob_Ainscough, for example at E195, there is black on the engines and wings but I see that the window frames are not black, is P3D or PBR material definition? I have no idea. The same with re-worked PBR maps published on the Feelthere forum. I can not test the Citation unfortunately.
  13. I want also do some flights with the Phenom 300 in US (starting from Europe), I am thinking to buy Telluride (KTEX) and Jackson Hole (KJAC), both from Orbx. I do not know other like these, with amazing surroundings, where a Phenom 300 can land.
  14. But some things they never solve...
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