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  1. I have read yesterday that for the gamers (large consumer) Nvidia might skip Volta and move forward to Ampere.
  2. Well, at least on my 7900x, I overclocked the core 0 more (as it is use the main core used by P3D) and the rest not so much. With AIO it stays decent in 60-70s, max 80s, without delid. I suppose you can push also the core 0 of 8700K more, using AIO and without delid. But as I saw the 8700K can be pushed with AIO OK till 5.0GHz (4.8-5.1 depending by the chip). Over 5GHz you should delid it.
  3. By getting an 8700K I would also consider an AIO.. in order to clock it as high as possible and still being stable. And 8700K seems to be a good CPU for overclock.
  4. Perhaps you will find this video interesting:
  5. Not a fan of him either. Der8auer did it also some time ago, there is his video also on YT.
  6. One additional thing, with the 1080 TI I can use the setting TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10. I know, it was said that is not such a big difference with it but still, I am using it :D (is just perhaps a perception on my side that it is nicer). GPU memory used, over 8GB, so over what a 1080 can do. But for that for sure, is not an argument to buy the TI. And to get smoother fps, value 9 is enough, I will probably revert it back. Regarding DL, even a 1080TI struggles with it and can stay at 99-100%...Still waiting for that day when LM will improve that
  7. 40+ fps with FSLabs A320 at EDDF, Germany South and UTlive at 60%? With DL ON? And which MSAA or SSAA?
  8. My temps, in Cinebench, Prime95 for i9 is too much, it has to be run with AVX-3 or AVX-4. For P3D I am using a different core speed (@4.5GHz, core 0 @4.8GHz), HT OFF). I am using at the moment X62, I will go probably for a PE360mm and SE240mm radiators (2x360mm, one PE and one SE might not fit easily in the NZXT H440). SC HT OFF: MC HT OFF: SC HT ON: and MC HT ON:
  9. Those temperatures are in the OK range (depends of how much OC do you have, to compare). I am having the same temperatures when flying in P3D.
  10. I also thinks AS16 may have some influence (except the DL of course, which we know). I am using 4xMSAA and still sometimes I see the 1080TI at 100%... when I would not expect it to be. Using the refresh rate of 30Hz helps a bit but I did a flight without the AS16 and it was a lot smoother, even with DL.
  11. It might occur but they really should implement a backup (second server, offline mode active and so on).
  12. We really need the offline access... it does not happen often but when it happens is really frustrating.
  13. Has anyone still the free installer for 2.02? With the folders I could not make it work, objects are missing and it overlaps with some default (even if I put the default airport bgl to off). The full installer will be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I am using TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=10, at EDDM T2G, with high settings, ORBX, Germany South, AS16+ASCA, Envtex, PTA 2.60 I am using 10.3GB of VRAM, 0.7GB free... so no more OOMs due to 32 bit but we will soon run out of VRAM if the developers will push it more with the addons and we still want to use this settings.